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Sunday, 2 September, 2007

Types Of Ghosts

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We are still in the Hungry Ghost Month of the Lunar Calendar..

So I thought these things would be informative for you guys..

I think none of the followings match any of the Malay ghosts that we heard of, such as Polong, Penanggal, Hantu Air, Hantu Raya, Hantu Galah, etc etc..

Maybe they belonged to one of the groups but these Malay ghosts seemed to be famous for their own names and shapes already..


  • A spectral recording of a specific location that is played back later in time.
  • You can hear it on tape or see it with your naked eye. It’s often the echo of a traumatic event, like a murder or mutilation.


  • A being that inhabits nature, like goblin or an elf.
  • It is commonly described as “shape-shifter”, with the ability to grow or shrink at will and to change from a solid to liquid.


  • An entity that closely resembles a living person. You might not suspect that it’s not human, until it walks through a brick wall.


  • When a person, object or spirit is seen in two locations at the same time.


  • A phenomenon that takes several forms :
    • Sometimes a medium allows a spirit to enter his or her body, eithe partially or fully – in order to communicate with the living.
    • In demonic possession, an entity takes over someone’s body without permission and won’t leave.


  • A ghost that can only be seen in photographs.
  • It can take many forms, including an orb , vortex, an ectoplasmic mist or optical abnomality.


  • A spirit that exists without physical body. You know that creepy feeling you get when you walk through a graveyard? You’re probably being stalked by one.


  • Ghosts that don’t believe they are dead.
  • They can’t move on and spend eternity watching us, envying us – and often hating us just for being alive.


  • A ghost that is sentinent, and angry.
  • It will try to attract your attention by creating foul odors, moving things around, making noises, slamming doors, and hiding things..


  • An angry, mischievous ghost that can be traced to psychokinetic acitivity created by living beings, usually children, who live with great stress.
  • Events surrounding it can include objects that appear and disappear at random, electrical disturbances, water coming from no apparent source, foul odors, rocks raining from the sky or ceiling and spontaneous fires.


  • A spherical, translucent mass of energy that resembles a ball of pure light.
  • It is the most basic and most photographed type of spirit and it often appears in haunted places.


  • A subtance that emanates from a medium during a trance.
  • It can be a mist, a vapor, a gush of blood from the mouth or just a spume of putrid goo.


  • A being that is intense, powerful and very rare.
  • It is usually the ghost of an extremely violent individual, like a murderer, psychotic, or just plain evil person. Mayb it was never a human to begin with.]


  • A very strange and mysterious phnomenon that usually appears as a swirling funnel shape.
  • When it slows down, it looks straight and narrow and is often confused with a speeding orb.

Anniversary Entity

  • Appears only on a date that was significant to it, like the day the person was killed in a horrible accident or the day he was murdered.


  • A visual representation of a ghost, usually as a transparent figure.
  • It looks as real as a living person, and it interacts with the living – until it disappears into thin air.

Electromagnetic Field

  • Combines electric and lagnetic energy that radiates from radio and light waves to gamma and cosmic rays.
  • It manipulates these to suit its own ends – Have you ever felt your hair stand on end.?


  • A manifestation of the thoughts and fears of the human subconcious.


  • A spirit that possesses a living person and forces him/her to do evil.

So that’s all the types of ghosts that we got, from the western knowledge..

Infos taken from Haunted House NYC..


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