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Saturday, 8 September, 2007

MPS Take The Stupidest Step In Handling Stray Dogs

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The uproar regarding Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) blatant action on handling stray dogs is one of the most talked about and condemned actions in recent days..

For those who don’t know anything about this, the MPS has organised a stupid competition just for their own cause..

MPS is offering prize money of up to RM15,000, RM13,000, and RM11,000 for the top three catchers whom managed to catch at least a minimum of 150 stray dogs..

MPS president Zainal Abidin Azim and Rawang assemblyman Datuk Tang See Hang is looking for trouble I think..

And indeed the name applies, Tang See Hang..His brain is just like the name I think..”See Hang” in Cantonese is the toilet..Famously known for the squat ones too..

SPCA chairman Christine Chin and NGO Furry Friends Sabrina Yeap were totally against the stupid act..

Of course, for splurging that amount of prize money, it’s best use to allocate the money on organisations such as SPCA, PAWS and such tohandle the problem..

Even these bozos knew that not an average Joe could do the catching job..So why not leave it to the professionals.??

I do believe that most people will keep on protesting and no people would do the catching..

All left is just giving drug addicts a chance to buy more drugs by catching these stray dogs, giving foreign workers living in poverty a chance to buy weapons to conduct crime, etc etc..

For that, not only stray dogs will be killed or caught, but collared dogs will also be affected..

How hard is to remove the collar and take it as a stray to the MPS just for the reward..It will be hell of a chaos in the neighbourhood..

And of course, on top of the stupidest things these morons would do is, continue with the fucking project albeit protests from fellow pet lovers..

It is indeed that a lot of complaints have been made about the on-growing number of stray dogs but this is not the way to solve it..

Are these dogs not a living-being or worth to live that they can be treated in this inhumanely act.??

Everyone is writing complaint letters to major newspapers and The Star has received tonnes of it..

There are a few that you can read it HERE, HERE, and HERE..

Everyone who oppose this fucking competition, please do SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION – Stop The Hunt..

By the time I checked, it has reached 1700 signatures and still counting..I’m way down below on signature #124..

So spread the words and join together to show the bozos what it needs to sit on that post..

On 11th of September, Tuesday, 10am NGOs will hand over memo to MPS in a silent protest attempt..

Everyone please go to MPS to support the protest, if you are free of course..

All this proved that the authorities is simply doing their jobs just to satisfy the people’s needs..

Interested, talk about it in Malaysia Number 1 (MN1) Forum – Nonsensical Competition..


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