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Sunday, 16 September, 2007

My Dad’s Birthday @ Zhui Mao, Peel Road, KL

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Yesterday, 15th of September was my dad’s birthday..

So I treated him to a normal dinner at famous Zhui Mao (Drunken Cat) at Peel Road, Kuala Lumpur..

There are 2 Zhui Mao where one is old and another one is old..

It’s said that Zhui Mao is a family business and some of the siblings or chef got into some arguments or against each other’s idea..

Thus, there is 2 Zhui Mao..Ironically, both of the shops are just side by side..

And so I was at this Old Zhui Mao, with white fluorescent signboard..Been eating there since my secondary times..

Another Zhui Mao is with a black signboard..This New Zhui Mao is situated opposite of Queen’s Park, same row as Shell station..

The Old Zhui Mao is just next to it..I haven’t tried the New one before..You might want to try it..

So we ordered some of our favourites, and some recommended dishes..

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*Wok Chai Sotong Ha – Little Wok Sotong and Prawn*

This Zhui Mao is famous for its little wok dishes..This is one of their signature dishes, as recommended..

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*Oily Vegie whatsoever*

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*Ka Li San Chu Yuk – Curry Wild Boar*

This dish was a mistake..I ordered for the Wok Chai Kali San Chu Yuk – Little Wok Curry Wild Boar but they gave me this normal plate..

This Curry Wild Boar is highly recommended by me, Yatz..The meat is superbly tender..

Plus the curry is just right..You’ll hardly find another restaurant that serves such tender wild boar meat.. 

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*Ying Yong Sek Pan (Two of a kind Grouper)*

This Ying Yong Sek Pan is something..The meat was removed from the bones..

One side of the meat was cooked with Lai Yau (fried santan milk whatsoever) and another side with sweet and sour gravy..

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*One side is Lai Yau (fried santan milk whatsoever you called it) and another side is sweet sour*

The fish meat itself tasted quite bland, it’s one hell creative dish though..

Dip with some chilli sauce and it’ll be fine..I don’t really recommend this dish though..

I would recommend Lai Yau Sotong (Santan Milk Fried Sotong whatsoever you name it)..

Altogether the meal costs about RM110, for 5 pax..

The fish itself already RM45 and the taste is quite bland..That’s why I said I wouldn’t recommend that fish..Better go for Lai Yau Sotong..

Anyhow, it was a fine meal..


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