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Tuesday, 18 September, 2007

Ex-Gabrian Harrassed By Ah Longs.??

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Calling all St. Gabriel’s 2001 batch..This is something..

Any of you remember the prefect 1 year our senior.? Which means he’s in Form 5 when we were in Form 4 in 2000..

He’s Chong Wai Kit, the gay guy..Saw him in yesterday’s The Star newspaper..

Check out the main section of Ah Longs want NS trainer to settle mother’s debt..

I wasn’t really pay attention to this news initially, coz almost everyday there’s news about Ah Longs..

But when I saw this pic..

*Chong Wai Kit, 24-years old, meeting Datuk Michael Chong – The Star*

He definitely looks familiar..Upon reading the news that he’s from Cheras, I’m quite certain that he’s one of ex-Gabrians..

According to the news, his parents got separated and he’s staying with her mom til a year ago when her mom left to nowhere..

Her mom borrowed money from loan sharks / Ah Longs to feed on her gambling habits..

Then Ah Longs cum debt collectors splashed red paint on his apartment and also threw dead fish and dead chicken on his front door..

The Ah Longs even threatened to apply credit cards by using his personal details to buy luxury items..

Didn’t know he has that kinda complicated family background..Pity him..And pity him for being gay..

May God bless you..


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