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Friday, 21 September, 2007

Dumb Government Sectors Waste Public Fund

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It has been quite a while since the Budget 2008 is revealed by Pak Lah..

Soon after that, Auditor-General reported that the Youth and Sports Ministry is paying RM224 for a set of RM40 screwdrivers, RM5,700 for a RM50 car jack, and RM1,146 for a RM160 pen set..

Other irregularities included shelling out a massive RM5,700 for a RM50 carjack, RM8,254 for a fucking 3.1 megapixel digital camera that costs RM2,990 and RM1,146 for a set of technical pens with a market price of RM160..

What the people inside there thinking.??? The public is either fucking retarded or ill-minded for accepting such fucking manipulated accounts..

Not only the people who purchased those items but the one who approved to buy those things were dumber than PIG, DONKEY, COW, MONKEY, and any kind of animals you can think of..

You can calculate the amount of profit these assholes gained and have a decent Raya celebration in October..

Then the police air wing spending RM118mil for two helicopters that did not meet flying specifications and another RM15.4mil to train pilots to fly these helicopters..

Not only that, Customs Department spending RM290mil for an outdated, user-unfriendly information system..

Besides the ministry, the Sarawak State Sports Council spent RM2.67mil on sports equipment from 2004 to 2006 but didn’t keep track of purchases..

It’s reported that an RM5,300 lane rope for swimming also went missing while 24 types of equipment for silat, athletics and boxing worth a total RM47,911 meant for various training centres had NOT been used for God’s sake..

It added that 25 fucking javelins worth RM3,570 were kept unused at the Miri Stadium because they were oversupplied by the council’s headquarters..

In addition, archery equipment worth RM30,859 was supplied TOO late to be used for training for the 11th Malaysia Games in 2006 and was NOT distributed to other training centres which needed them..

So all these are few of the reasons why the Government have to debate whether to continue subsidies diesel..

That’s why we have problems with pipe leakage in government buildings..

That’s why the toll price for few major tolls were increased to an absurd amount, while we were paying our taxes..

That’s why there are sinkholes and potholes everywhere on the road no matter which area it is..

So, what can I say or what can we do.??

At least, I’m GLAD we live in a DEMOCRATIC nation, thus we are FREE to SPEAK, FREE to CHOOSE whichever PARTIES we like to govern the country..

I guess it’s time for us to make our moves when the general election comes..

And so, that’s the time when the government try to condemn bloggers for being a goblok..

Yeah, actually they were saying GO BLOG~!! Long live blogs, and my blog..



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