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Thursday, 4 October, 2007

Memo To Other Nation’s Embassy Can, Memo To Putrajaya Cannot

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Need not explain more..

As we know, the Malaysian Bar Council went on a “Walk of Justice” at Putrajaya on September 26th 2007..

The march from the footsteps of Palace of Justice ended at the Dataran Putra roundabout..

More than 2000 lawyers and activists joined the march, to seek the setting up of a Royal Commission over the video clip showing a prominent lawyer purportedly brokering the appointment of judges with a senior judge..

Bar Council president, Amiga Sreenevasan handed 2 memoranda to Prime Minister’s political secretary Datul Wan Farid Wan Salleh, which will later be given to Pak Lah..

The march and hand over of the memo was a move to seek justice to clear the name of the judiciary, which is quite an important matter to them..

But then, someone smart enough to say that the Bar Council shouldn’t behave like that..

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz said that marching like that to hand over a memorandum is behaving like the opposition..

Nazri Aziz says, “Unless they want to show their hostility, why should they stoop so low by behaving like Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), DAP and PAS?”

So, is this statement a defamatory.?? If this statement is said by an anonymous or socio-politic blogger would he/she be sued over the statement.?

I’m not done yet..To show how stupidly this statement is being made by the person in the Prime Miniter’s Department, something else happened..

A group of about 200 people submitted a memorandum to officials of the Myanmar Embassy here, urging their government to restore peace and stability in their country following a violent crackdown against demonstrators there..

The members of 14 youth groups and Barisan Nasional Youth movements, called themselves “Malaysian Youth Coalition for Peace and Freedom in Burma”..

They marched along Jalan Ampang carrying placards with messages urging the Myanmar Government to resolve the crisis peacefully..

Joining the march was Deputy Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin..I’m not surprised IF the march is led by him..

So, this march here is to hand over a memorandum to the Myanmar Embassy here to urge their government to restore peace in Myanmar, which I guess is not our problem..

The riot and “junta VS Burmese monks and civilians” war is a part of Myanmar’s internal war, which we called Cold War..

I remembered a person says that to march on the street and handing over memorandum is behaving like the opposition..

So, is actually march protests and handing over memorandum to officials a stupid and low-class act, or it’s an act of justice and peace oriented.??

If it’s a stupid and low-class act, then our Deputy Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin is not any smarter than the government-claimed stupid opposition..

And it’s a statement made by the government people themselves..So who is the wise guy here.??

I’m not saying that the urge of the world to the Myanmar government to restore peace in the country is a stupid thing..

I too, hope that peace will be restored in that country and in any country in the world..

As the saying goes, “Make Love, Not War”..To Bush, Howard, and Blair, get the point.??

The point is our very own Malaysian government mindset, specifically the people in it..

So you think that urging other nation’s government to restore peace from its Cold War is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than uplifting and justifying the dignity and honor of our very own Malaysian lawyers and judges.??

What other thing is more important than internal problem.??

Solve our problem first before you trying to be smart to help others..

Yes, others are in need..But our very own people is VERY in need as well, let alone the increasing social problem of the foreigner workers in our motherland *ahem*..

I don’t see anything will be better for the statement towards the Bar Council by defaming the oppositions..

I’m now eligible to vote in the General Election and many of my peers would be able to do so by next year, should the general election comes next year..

We’ll try to make things right for the sake of our beloved country and also fellow civilians, if nothing is changed..

It’s not that we try to take advantage of every single mistakes made by the current government but, there isn’t anything praise-worthy..

Learn from mistakes..If the government could give us 100, no, 50 important matters worth to be mentioned, I don’t think the people would mind or even care a single mistake out of that 50..

Just my two cents..Correct me if I’m wrong and I apologise to those who can’t take my words..


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