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Tuesday, 6 November, 2007

Creative Xbox 360 Ads

Filed under: Parody & Funny, Ramblings — Yatz @ 4:02 pm

Sorry, proper updates will be up very soon..

Anyway, this is one creative ads by Xbox 360..It’s been on Youtube for quite some time (that’s how filler entry comes =P)..

It started with one guy whom bumped onto 2 other guys, then they suddenly lock stares into each other..

Then they take out their handguns, yes, pun intended that is..

Then the people in the whole complex or town started to take out their handguns and point to anyone in front of their eyes..

Out of a sudden everyone is shooting around like there’s no tomorrow..It’s like playing first-person shooter game..

Anyway, it’s a very creative and funny ads..Nice one..

*Xbox 360 Ads*

Anyone else found anything funny like this?

This is a filler entry, thank you and have a nice day..


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