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Sunday, 18 November, 2007

I’m Changing Domain And Hosting To JenkinYat-Dot-Com

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JENKINYAT-DOT-COM FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

Yes you read that right and it’s true..

At last I got myself a hosting and most importantly my own domain, a dot-com..

So from now on, I’m switching my blog to Jenkinyat-dot-com..This blog will no longer be my main blog or whatsoever..

However, I’m keeping this blog and use it for other purposes..

So I might revamp this blog to suit the new theme, “My Music, Your Politic“..

But at the meantime I’ll leave this blog just as it is..

Do update my blog link in your blog or Bookmark to Jenkinyat-Dot-Com now..

So start to feel weird if you don’t see updates here..Start to get revolution and move over now..



Saturday, 17 November, 2007

Blog Paradigm Shift

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PARADIGM SHIFT FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

Sorry for not updating these few days..Been busy with works lately..

And also busy with something big..Some paradigm shift on my blog..

Updates will tell everything, soon enough..As soon as I’ve finalized everything..

The truth is out there *X-Files theme music in the background*..

So hopefully you guys will be back to check out what’s new with my blog and stuffs..

Thank you and have a nice day..

Tuesday, 28 August, 2007

In The Defence Of NameWee – My Thoughts

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Everyone knows who is NameWee, real name Wee Meng Chee..

He’s a Malaysian student who is studying in Ming Chuan University in Taiwan, created a furore over his Negarakuku video clip..

All hype on this case was actually the way of the national anthem being played and sung in the video clip..

It’s a song of Mandarin rap with Negaraku as the chorus..

The main agenda here is the appearance of the national anthem in a rap song has definitely lowered the standard of the national anthem..

The whole rapping is about whinnings of a Chinese citizen who resides in Malaysia, which he presumed he’s the voice of all Malaysian Chinese..

The raps are focused on the strugglings of the Chinese society as the second community in Malaysia, and the misused of power of the Malays as they were called the aborigin of Malaysia..

Nonetheless, he also criticises the country is badly managed by the government and some other stuffs..

If you listen to the music or watch the video clip on a neutral ground or empty mind, it’s almost similar to the likes of none other than Eminem and Good Charlotte..

They criticised their own government and the lifestyle they had compared to those living in a very wealthy condition..

On the other hand, NameWee criticises the Malays, how they misused the power of bumiputra or NEP or whatever they called it, to have a better life compared to other races in Malaysia..

He also criticises the corrupted certain parties in the government are, and of course the most famous of all, the police force..

They accept bribes just like they drink coffee everyday..Simply refreshing..

On the positive side for NameWee, the government can’t charge him for defamation as those statements in the song is widely known to everyone in the country..

So it’s not really defamation..It’s the truth,at least we all know but we don’t dare to speak out publicly like what he did..

Okay, if the national anthem is considered tarnished in a way, then what about Jason Lo’s Malaysian Invasion.??

Malaysian Invasion is a rock song, a very rock one..In the middle of the song, there’s a clip of Tunku Abdul Rahman declaring the independence of Malaya, by shouting “Merdeka” 7 times..

For such a historic event and sound clip to be appeared in a rock song, doesn’t it would tarnish the image of the Allaryarham Tunky Abdul Rahman.??

Strange isn’t..They just like to accuse whatever they like..

They don’t seem to care bout other things but little matters like this one, they always make it a big havoc..

If Jeff Ooi and Rocky Bru were being sued because of defamatory..

If Nathaniel Tan was remanded by the police for questioning over a comment in his blog..

If Raja Petra Kamrudin and his wife were taken in by the police for questioning after they were alleged that the contents in his blog were insulting religion and the Agong of Malaysia..

If socio-political bloggers were labelled as goblok by Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin..

Then why nothing happens to Kenny Sia when he publicly condemn the government and post it on Youtube to have millions of Malaysians viewing it..

*Kenny Sia’s stupid DIY video*

Honestly, I don’t find this video funny at all..It just shows how silly KennySia is and how naive his commentors are..

Okay, I know what I’m saying here are quite crappy..I’m just point out the thing that what NameWee did is not really a big deal..

The only big deal is he revealed his face in the video clip..Only if he didn’t appeared in the video clip, with just his voice, nothing can be done against him..

And I don’t even think the authorities would care much about the video should his face doesn’t appeared in the video clip..

Nevertheless, they waste so much time on debating whether to charge him with a lawsuit or not..

I think it would be better if the government and oppositions take note of what NameWee mentioned in his video clip..

It’s better to make improvement instead of blaming others when that certain matter is actually a tiny little problem..

And if it’s SO BIG DEAL, the government already had a team of authorities went to Taiwan to capture NameWee in the name of the law..But they didn’t..

The Malaysia 50th Indepence Day is just around the corner..Think wisely and think big..Don’t act like a fool and so childish anymore..

Yes, I’m telling the authorities, government, and oppositions..Pat your butts and start work things off..

Don’t just sit down there and pointing fingers to each other..

It’s like I’m paying for some services and the workers aren’t working but slacking around and complaining too much work to be done, when they are actually paid to do so..

No, I’m not saying I’m paying the government to do things for the country..It’s just a comparison..Get it.??

Wednesday, 22 August, 2007

I’ve Been Schmooze-D

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I’ve been Schmooze-D by Kelvin..

This is what Schmoozing means;

You’re eligible for this award is due to your natural ability to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection..

You effortlessly weave your way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way..

You don’t limit your visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well..

You are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello – all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship. All in all, you’re a Good Schmoozer!!

Well well well..I’m good at something..Hahaha..Thanks for the compliment dude..

Do I have to award it to someone else too.?

Well if it’s a MUST, then I’ll have to award it to..

1.   Cely

2.   Daniel The Gallivanter

3.   Earl-Ku

4.   Eugene

5.   Kinyu & Miaka

I don’t think this is a tag or meme right.??

I proudly present this award to them as I know they won’t award it to someone else in the end..Hahaha..

Just a compliment from me to them..Cheers..

Monday, 30 July, 2007

What I Hate About Friendster User – Sequel

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I’ve actually wanted to write something about this, until Cedric blogged something on What I Hate About Friendster Users..

He came up with some interesting terms for these Friendster users..

Something like “FULL” Bitches, “I-Believed-In-Forwarded-Mails” Bitches, “I-Like-To-Create-My-Own-Language” Bitches, Testimonials/Comments Desperados, “Look-Says-It-All” Fuckers, and last but not least, Faceless Freaks..

Thus, here’s my add-ons to what I think is missing in his point of view, or rather that’s my point of view..Hahaha..

I know he tries to blog it with the shortest sentences that he could..So here I’ll elaborate some of the things that he mentioned..

“FULL” Bitches

The FULL thingy is actually quite a stupid one..It’s not that I don’t believed that they have a truly 1000 friends in their lists, which they regard as friends..

They actually tend to ask the existing “friends” in the 1st account to add the 2nd account as well..

When the 2nd account gets “FOOL” status, they ask the people in either account 1 or account 2 to add the 3rd account..

So, by all means, no matter how many accounts they virtually have, the most friends they got is actually 1000, only..And that’s only if they really know the people in their friend lists..

The “I-Believed-In-Forwarded-Mails” Bitches

Chain letters such as “If you do not forward this mail to 20 people in your list, we will delete your account, by Allen Smith (Manager of Friendster)” kinda havoc, is just stupid..

If the admin is really trying to clean up, do you think they’ll go with this stupid “Mail-Forwarding” system.?? Of course not..

If they really do, they’ll send each and every users of Friendster about the “serious” issue..

Furthermore, if Friendster is really closing, they wouldn’t be upgrading and improving the homepage to another level..

And for God’s sake, that stupid chain letter has been circulating around the Buletin Board for almost 2 years, and yet people still forwarding it..

“I-Like-To-Create-My-Own-Language” Bitches

Honestly, I totally turned off with this thing..The difficulties to read the words really turns me off..

It just hits my nerves, that I won’t be reading it to stress my eyeballs..Still, normally these kind of users do get a lot of viewers and “stranger friends”..

Does this proves that their eyes are so good just like that they can crack some kinda Da Vinci Code or something.??

Oh c’mon..Get a fucking life for God’s sake..

Testimonials/Comments Desperados

I’ve experienced something like this before..I’ve been forced asked for a testimonial and comments, because the user knew that I’ve had viewed its profile..

And that’s a total stranger to me, whom I chatted on MSN for FEW times only..

How could I say “Hi, nice to meet you” in the testimonial.?? Or do I have to say “You are so cute in that outfit” even though I don’t think so.??

I guess people nowadays misunderstood the meaning of testimonial..

According to my book of Oxford Dictionary, testimonial means – a written statement describing a person’s merits, abilities, qualifications, etc..

And here’s the answer from Wikipedia – Testimonial..

Are they such an assholes to chat in the testimonial section, just to let other people see their conversations.??

I guess when they go for job interviews when they finish their studies (which I doubt most of them will), the testimonials in their CV would be “Yu R s0 Gw3+, From xx-K3n5h1n-xx”..

“Look-Says-It-All” Fuckers

What is happening now is ah bengs guys tend to add ah lians pretty girls or girls with uncountable accounts into their lists..

And ah lians girls like to add ah bengs handsome guys or famous Idols as their “friends”..

What’s the meaning of having the pretty girl or handsome guy in list, albeit the truth that the person doesn’t really know you.??

But then again, what’s the meaning of approving these strangers invites to add you as their friend, when you actually don’t know them.??

If you are sincere enough to start up a conversation via private messaging, that’s fine..You have found a friend..

But just adding them because of their looks.?? Go fuck youself will ya.??

Faceless Freaks

It’s not that condemn these type of users..I know..Not all handphone users have cam-phone..

Not all PC or Internet users have a scanner connected to their PC..

But when you are putting pictures of babies, pretty girls, handsome guys, why don’t you ask a couple of pics from your friends or don’t even bother to put any in it~!!

I know you are afraid when people know your ugly face or big-size body they’ll delete you from their lists..

If you are so afraid of that and don’t even bother to find some sincere friends, why do you bother to create a Friendster account in the first place.???

You are not going to show your face for your whole life, meaning you are not meeting any of the “friends” in your list..

If you do, eventually they’ll block you in MSN or delete you from their lists..It’s happening no matter what..

So you are actually not having any friends, but you feel wanted to.?? Bullshit..

Oh my god..I got a lot to say..Been quite stressed with the Finals just around the corner..

This helps me a lot to release my tension..Aaahhhhhh~~

Monday, 23 July, 2007

Blogger Booze @ Modestos Hartamas

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That’s right..The last Saturday, I went to the Blogger Booze, organised by Gallivanter, supposingly sponsored by Advertlets..

I met up with Earl-Ku and off we go to Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas, with my girlfriend..

Reach there around 10.30pm..The venue was Modestos if I’m not mistaken..Went in and say hi to fellow bloggers, that we know..

Basically, there’s notihng much to say about this gathering..

It’s just an excuse of some total strangers to come out and have a drink in the bar..

Nevertheless, I got to know some bloggers, who I used to only know them via their blog urls..

People such as Kenny Ng, Frostier and some others which I don’t really recalled..

And of course those I already know, Zewt, Earl-Ku, Daniel, and Wan Shen..Not to miss out my coursemate, SapSapSui..

All in all, the crowd was good..The chicks were hot..The guys were cool..

However, the ambient of the bar is totally suck..The beer is fuck-up..Damn watery, no kick at all..

Heard that Advertlets’ BigMan was sponsoring an amount of money for the drinks..In the end, it turned out to be 2 jugs of beer..

Have to fork out ourselves lah..Honestly I don’t mind to fork out money for my own drinks..

But if a promise or agreement is broken, then that’s another story..Don’t simply make promises when you don’t have the intention of doing it..

So, that’s all I wanted to say..Asta la Vista bebeh..

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