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Sunday, 6 August, 2006

The Return of Yatz With a 4-Port..

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After few days on hiatus, now I’m back..HOOOOOOO~!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

I couldn’t online for the past few days, since Wednesday midnight (which is the starting of 00:01, Thursday) til Saturday..

I phoned TMNet on Thursday afternoon to check out the connection for me and they said the port and server over there was just fine..

So they fixed once for me, hence they closed the case..But when I checked on it, still no connection..

I ringed them up again on Friday and the call attendant opened another case for me..

Then on Saturday morning, a TMNet technician called me on my cellphone..

TMNet Techy : Hello..Ini Mr Yat ke.?? (Hello..Is this Mr Yat.??)

Yatz : Hello..Ya saya.. (Hello..Yes I am)

TMNet Techy : Saya nih peminat blog kamu la Mr Yat..Kamu dikenali sebagai Yatz kan.? Kan.?? (I’m a fan of your blog)

Yatz : Err..Camne kamu dapat nombor handset saya nih.? Saya lapor polis kang.. (How did you get my cellphone number.??)

TMNet Techy : Janganlah macam nih Mr Yat..Acah je..Sebenarnya saya ni technician dari TMNet..Konek-syen anda mempunyai masalah kan.?? (Just kidding Mr Yat..I’m actually a techincian from TMNet..You have problem with your connection right.??)

Yatz : Ooh..TMNet ye..Konek saya takde masalah..Anda tak perlu risau sangat pasal tuh..Tapi Streamyx connection saya ada masalah sikit.. (Ooh..TMNet is it..Well yea..I have problem with the Streamyx connection)

TMNet Techy : Mr Yat sedang buat apa sekarang..Kat rumah ke.? (Are you at home right now Mr Yat.?)

Yatz : Ya..Saya memang ada di rumah..On the phone ngan kamu lah..Takkan sedang berak pulak.. (Yes..I’m at home now)

TMNet Techy : Err..Boleh tak Mr Yat buka pagar kat bawah nih.?? Saya ada kat bawah rumah Mr Yat sekarang.. (Can you open the gate for me.?? I’m at downstair right now)

Yatz : Ooo..Kat bawah..Ok ok..Kamu tunggu yeh..Dalam 10 tahun nanti baru saya pergi bukak.. (Ooo..Downstair.? Ok ok..Wait for a while please)

For those who didn’t know..I lived in a 5-storey flat with a gate on the ground-floor, to prevent house break-in..

Got into my house and checked my pc (that’s the time when he was disrupting me watch Bleach..Wtf)..

Check check check..Couldn’t got the connection fixed..Called back to TMNet double check..
Then he changed my Artnet router modem to his Aztech router modem..Connected..Wtf..

TMNet Techy : Aah..Mr Yat..Amat dikesali bahawa modem kamu nih dah rosak..Kene tukar la..Modem nih kamu beli sendiri ke.?? (Mr Yat..Your modem has spoilt and you have to change it..You boght this modem.??)

Yatz : Hah.?!?! Rosak.?? Ye..Saya beli sendiri punya lah..Ingat saya curi ke apa.?? (WTF.?!?! Spoilt.?? Yes..I bought it)

TMNet Techy : So dah selesai lah ye..Modem Mr Yat telah rosak dan belilah sendiri modem tuh..Dan teruskan melanggan connection kami yang teruk tuh.. (So it’s all fixed..Just buy a new one and you can connect to the Net)

Yatz : *Mengeluh* Okla camtu..Terima kasih ye.. (*Sigh* Fine then..Thanks for coming over)

Went to Low Yat with Hikaru right in the Saturday afternoon..Bought an Aztech 4-port Router instead of a LAN router modem..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 

*Aztech 4-Port Router*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 

*Tested and certified by TM for tmnet streamyx*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 

*My lovely device*

The difference is about less than RM 20..I might be buying another pc in the near future..So a more powerful device is better for me..

Follow manual booklet..Typed in username and password..Voila..Done..

Not to forget..KL Pikom PC Fair is here this coming weekend, 11th – 13th of August 2006 (Friday – Sunday) at KL Convention Centre..

See you guys there..We’ll have PC Fair chicks photography spree again..

DISCLAMER : I’ve exaggerated the conversation above and it’s just for laugh purposes..Not trying to offence anyone..So no hard feelings upon reading them..Thank you..



Monday, 23 January, 2006

XX’s Stupid Fan – Conversation Part 1

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Ok..Getting bored with my notes alredy..
As promised..Breaking the conversation into 2-parts..Here’s the part-1..
So..Here goes the stupidity of the conversation..
And do take note of all the words that I have bolded..


Anonymous : hai~
Yatz : so u r anonymous.??
Anonymous : but are u m/f?
Yatz : i’m male la..duh..
Anonymous : ure look like gal
Yatz : ooh..ok..should i take it as an insult or compliment.?
Anonymous : can u take down ur post?
Yatz : err..why.?
Anonymous : becos it is very sad to see innnocent gals battered like dis..
Yatz : innocent girls.??
Anonymous : xiaxue is innocent..and u put all ur story all wrong
Yatz : well..actually i’m on neutral side..
Anonymous : do u know she in real?
Yatz : umm..yea..but not real close..just met her twice before..
Anonymous : u same colege as she?
Yatz :’s a fren of my frens..well..anyway..i’m not trying to insult XX or what..but just trying to make my blog livelier..
Yatz : coz my blog actually just made up of my own circle of frens..and i dunno how kim get to know my blog..and how u get to know my blog.?
Anonymous : im bagging u..pls remove it..u got all ur story all wrong
Yatz : ya..i know it’s wrong..and i did explained in the end of all of it..
Anonymous : where got..jus remove dat is all wrong
Yatz : i said i just made up all of the above..i did explain what..
Anonymous : xiaxue will not know any mini bloggers is she harrassing and stalked xiaxue to ride on her fames
Yatz : what do u mean.?? well..i’m not trying to promote kimberly here..just that my fren told me bout kim and ST’s posts..
Anonymous : do u notis her concave mouth?
Yatz : concave mouth.?? did i said that.??
Anonymous : u seeeee her in real, dun u notis her concave mouth?
Yatz : ooh..ok..well..i just met her twice like..3 years ago..and that twice were just like for..15 minutes in a dark place..
Anonymous : who is ah sang? is it her ex bf?
Yatz : nop..ah sang is my x-classmate..
Anonymous : it is better u remove tat post..
Anonymous : dun hav anything to do with she
Anonymous : how u felt if she said all those to ur gf?
Yatz : ok..again..i wanna explain that..i’m not promoting kimberly or ST here..
Anonymous : u are putting innocent gal in bad light
Anonymous : dats no good
Yatz : i just wanna tell my circle of frens that read my blog do know something else happened in the blogosphere..
Anonymous : how can u do dat when all ur story are all wrong!! god dam bagging u like dogs..y u can ignor my requests?
Yatz : i’ve alredy said..i did explain all of it that i just made up the whole thing..
I invited ratscorp, a fren of mine who own a blog and also reads Xiaxue’s blog join the conversation..
ratscorp : y should he take it down u moron..who r u to protect XX
Anonymous : wont u felt sad if it is done to ur gf ratscrop?
ratscorp : she like to say she have the right to write yatz have the right to write wat he wan also …dumb..
ratscorp : oo so XX is ur gf? no i’ll just take it as a joke
Yatz : u read that post again..and u’ll see that i actually did explain i made up the whole thing..
Anonymous : im not protect xx…but i felt she is abused….i cant teach her fishing..i got no time…but i give her “cacing” to fish by helping her
ratscorp : yatz oledi mention he madeup all those…y bother…what u toking here?? cacing?
Yatz : yeap..that’s right..i have my own right to write what i want..and in the end..i did explain the’s just a parody..
ratscorp : yea…kid get it??
Anonymous : but ur story are all wrong!!!
Yatz : it’s a parody..ofcoz it’s wrong..
ratscorp : of coz is wrong…is a madeup story..omg u r really dumb
Anonymous : ratscorpt is mean
ratscorp : yea… all my fren know i’m a big meanie
ratscorp : yatz…just ignore him…he is very mouliu wan ppl to entertain him la…i bet he got nht better to do than to argue with u for XXeven XX din aware of this entry also..
Yatz : let’s face the fact..u read that post again..
Anonymous : i jus try to help but ratscop keep abuse u hav a heart or not? u keep calling me dumb, kids etc
ratscorp : coz u r acting like a kid
ratscorp : k la… i let u go now… hahaha… so yatz u gao tim him la…omg..i guess i;m gonna blog on this ahahhaa

Yatz : and u’ll find out that i DID explain it..”I MADE UP THE WHOLE THING”..

Anonymous : ratscropt u dun dare or else!!!!!!


Ok..Now you have read the 1st part..
The fact is I have edited the whole thing, in arrangement-wise..
And also I have shorten the conversation..Left some not important parts that are not related to the title here..
Ofcoz..I didn’t change the contents..It’s very important to let you guys read “THE REAL THING” here..
As you guys can see..Why should I step down even if she begs me like a dog or what..
And why the hell she asked about my fren Ah Sang, just bcoz his name appeared in the comment section..
Now who’s the REAL stalker here.?? Hmm..You tell me..
Trying to speak to her politely bcoz the whole thing isn’t as complicated as it is..
Now I know..I can’t be as polite as it gets to talk with this kind of person..
Luckily I invited ratscorp into the conversation..
Otherwise..I’ll die of suffocation with all the words clogged in my throats *cough*
And yeah..I purposedly size-up the font of those mind-attacking words of ratscorp *bow bow bow*..
Alright..Wish me luck on my 1st paper..
Hopefully we’ll meet again on 26th..Adios..

Tuesday, 29 November, 2005

I’m A Interviewer.. – Part 1 –

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As a interviewer in IDC (International Data Corporation) (click on link)..

There are few lines of intro that we always used..

Scenario 1..

: Hello..Good morning/afternoon..Company XXX..How may I help you.??

: Hello..Good morning/afternoon..May I speak to the IT manager please.??

: Sure..Just a moment..

: Thanks..

*Transferring call*

IT Manager
: Hello..This is XY..

: Hello..Good morning/afternoon Mr. XY..

IT Manager
: Ya..Good morning.. (Who the heck is this?!?)

: I’m Yatz calling from IDC..We are currently conducting a study about the popularity of Windows XP..Do you mind to help me out.?? It’s like around just 5 minutes.. (You better help me on this.!)

IT Manager
: Hmm..Ok.. (Duh..Why not..)


There goes 1 smooth survey going to be completed..

Scenario 2..

: Hello..Company XXX..

: Hello..May I speak to the IT Manager.??

: May I know who’s on the line.?? (Who are you trying to find the IT Manager.??)

: I’m Yatz calling from IDC.. (Please! Let me get through.!!)

: Hold the line please.. (Another dumbass from market research company)

*Transferring call*

IT Manager
: Hello..

: Hello..Good morning/afternoon Sir..I’m Yatz calling from IDC..We are currently conducting a study about the popularity of Windows XP..Do you mind to spare a couple of minutes.??

IT Manager
: How long will it takes.?? (Survey again.??)

: Just around 5 minutes.?? (Help me or I’ll be drop dead today.!)

IT Manager
: Alriight..Make it faster..I’m in a rush.. (Faster get it done and don’t ever bother me again)

: Ooh..Ok..Thanx Sir..


There goes another survey going to be completed unwillingly by the IT Manager..

Scenario 3..

: Hello..Good morning..

: Hello..Good morning..May I speak to the IT Manager please.??

: May I know what is it regarding.?? (Should be another fool from tele-marketing companies)

: I’m Yatz calling from IDC..We are currently conducting a market research about the popularity of Windows XP..So I would like to get some feedbacks from the IT Manager.. (You better put me through.!!)

: Please hold on.. (Ooh..Survey eh.?! Not tele-marketing.??)

*Transferring call*

IT Manager
: Hello.. (I’m so tired of my works……)

: Hello..Good morning Sir..I’m Yatz calling from IDC..We are currently conducting a study about the popularity of Windows XP..Do you mind to spare a few moments Sir.??

IT Manager
: OK.!! (Yay.!! Can rest from my loads of works for a while!!)


Another survey going to be completed willingly, happily, and in a fren-ly way..

All same answers but different kind of way to start a conversation..

You can only get all these answers when you are calling Malaysia..

It’ll be definitely rare case for us to get any of these answers from Aussies..

They suck.!!

Now I think that’s all for the 1st part of my interview introductions..

Gonna post up the 2nd part of it..How they refuse or when I can’t managed to get any completed surveys..

Friday, 18 November, 2005

Damn Fast Food Delivery..

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Well..I have to work from Mondays – Fridays..And also on weekends as well..

So usually we’ll order fast food delivery such as Dominos or McDonald’s..

Last Sunday..We ordered McDelivery..Bcoz of eating Dominos for about consecutively 6 weeks in a row..

We have 20 people in the office and I took the orders from everyone..

So there was I on the phone talking to the operator at about 12.35pm..

Girl Operator (G.O.) : Good afternoon..McDelivery..How can I help you.?

Yatz : Hello..Ya..I would like to order a delivery..(Duh..Ofcoz I’m ordering a delivery..)

G.O. : Yes..May I take your order.??

Yatz : Ok..I want 3 Big Macs..Single burger..

G.O. : Ok..

Yatz : Then..3 Double Cheeseburgers..Single burger..

G.O. : ..Ok..

Yatz : Umm..6 Chicken McDeluxe..Also single burger..

G.O. : …..(wtf?) Ook..

Yatz : 4 Grilled Chicken Foldover..That single thing..

G.O. : ………..(huh?) Ok..

Yatz : 7 Chicken Burger..That RM2.50 one..

G.O. : Err……….(wtfs?!) Ok..Is that all sir.??

Yatz : Nop..And also 4 Large Fries..1 Apple Pie..And 2 Chocolate Sundae..

G.O. : Umm..Ok..I’ll repeat it sir..3 Big Macs..3 Double Cheeseburger..6 Chicken McDeluxe..4 Grilled Chicken Foldover..7 Chicken Burger..4 Large Fries..1 Apple Pie..And 2 Chocolate Sundae..

Yatz : Yeap..Correct..

G.O. : Ok..The total is RM 141.90..Ok.?? We’ll arrive in 45 minutes..

Yatz : Ok..Thanks..

Toot..Toot..Toot..Toot..(Ofcoz it’s the sound of the phone..It’s not any censored words)

There everyone waited in a hungry state..*gru gru gru*

30 minutes past..Everyone asking where’s the food..

I just told them to wait for like about 15 minutes..

At last..1 hour past..No signs of the McDelivery man..

So I called back to check with them again..

Guy Operator (Guy O.) : Good afternoon..McDelivery..How may I help you.?

Yatz : Hello..I ordered a delivery about an hour ago..But it hasn’t arrived yet..

Guy O. : Ooh.?? *(O.o)* Ok..Let me check sir..What’s your phone number.??

Yatz : 60-3-xxxxxxxx..

Guy O. : Sorry sir..There’s no order under this number..

Yatz : How bout this.? 60-3-xxxxxxxx.?

Guy O. : Ok sir……………Also no order under this phone number..

Yatz : HAAAAAAAAAAH.!!!! Alamak..*wtf.?!?!*

Guy O. : So……Would you like to order again sir.??

Yatz : Duh..*Talking to Brian* – So how.?? Wanna order again or Dominos or go outside to eat.??

Brian : Hmm..Never mind la..We’ll just order Dominos..

Yatz : *Talking to Guy O.* – Ok..Never mind..We’ll order Dominos..Thanx..*wtf*


So you see..We have waited for more than an hour for an empty McDelivery order..

And another 45 minutes for the Dominos..

That made us eat our lunch at 2.30pm..Damn ‘Girl Operator’.!!

She thought I was joking or what..

If any operator out there thought we are joking with that amount of food..

Don’t take our order please..It’s very shitty to make a fool on your precious customers..

The whole call centre were so pissed off by the f*cking operator’s behaviour..

It has been quite some time since our last McDelivery order..

Now..I think there’ll be no more McDelivery order at the Bukit Bintang branch..

Wednesday, 27 April, 2005

Stupid Conversation..

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Alright..Since I got nothing to do..I’ll post this stupid conversation between me and a guy from New York..

I dunno him..And I dunno how he got to know me..

Anyway..Here goes..kazmi_tashfain is the New York guy.. says: hello how are u
Yatzão Says “FINAL-Ly.!! ALL OVER.!! Now Ready To Yamcha Anytime..I Mean AT Night..” says: hello..?? i’m fine..
Yatzão Says “FINAL-Ly.!! ALL OVER.!! Now Ready To Yamcha Anytime..I Mean AT Night..” says: how r u..? says: fine says: so whats going on howz everything says: u remember me?

Yatzão says: err..i dun remember u.. says: okay says: we chat before i think
Yatzão says: hmm..i’m not so sure bout it..heh..

Yatzão says: where r u from..? says: newyork, usa
Yatzão says: ooh..i really dun remember a thing.. says: i think u told me that u gona send me pic
Yatzão says: izzit..? says: yeh says: its two month before we chat like a 1 hour
Yatzão says: huh..??? says: i remember some
Yatzão says: i didnt online 2 months ago due to my pc problem..
Yatzão says: i mean i didnt online much.. says: think about it

Yatzão says: but i really dun remember talking to u for about an hour.. says: okay any way i still remember some thing
Yatzão says: ooh..ok..hehehe.. says: so when u gona send me pic u promise me 😉
Yatzão says: did i promise u..?? says: yeh honey 😉
Yatzão says: hmm..i think u make a mistake here..i’m not chick.. says: oh hhhhhhhhhhh says: no stop kidding.. i know who u are

Yatzão says: yeap..that’s a big mistake u made.. says: ohhh really
Yatzão says: yup..i’m a guy.. says: okay says: ohh u are the 1 who add with me from last 2 year we chat so many time okay! now stop kidding
Yatzão says: last 2 year..?? sorry..i’m still using icq for the last 2 years..i just started using msn last year.. says: ohhhhhhhhhhh my GOD says: now tell me that i am laying

Yatzão says: yea..u r lying..hahahaha.. says: lolZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Yatzão says: yeap..believe it or not..i really dunno u..
Yatzão says: and to tell u the truth..i’m a guy..not a chick..
Yatzão says: u still dun believe me..? says: yeh one time send me a pic but i lost my laptop other wise i gona show u says: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my GOD U cheat me
Yatzão says: but i’m really a guy.. says: okay
Yatzão says: and i’m not the 1 who add u in my list 2 years ago..
Yatzão says: and i didnt cheat on’s ur mistake and a misunderstanding.. says: okay anyway i dont forget any thing

Yatzão says: what we chat about during that 1 hour long conversation..? I mean u and the 1 who supposed to.. says: okay anyway i dont give a fuck leave it
Yatzão says:well sure..why do i give a fuck too..?? says: lolZZZZZZZZZZZ

Yatzão says: u thought i’m a chick bcoz of this pic..?? says: yeh
Yatzão says: well..i’m a guy..wanna see the front..??

Yatzão says: i’m just a guy with long hair..stupid bozzo.. says: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh says: okay its mean bysexul

Yatzão says: duh..i’m not..i’m totally straight..
Yatzão says: so dun think those trick will work on other chicks man.. says: liston man in newyork s full of bitch okay says: and dont try to smart what do u mean by tricks

Yatzão says: arh..what the’s just a misunderstanding and a fucking mistake..i dun give a damn man.. says: so what do u mean by tricks i told u leave it says: so why the fuck u dont leave this topic

Yatzão says: coz i havent came across to chat with a fucker like u..hahahaha.. says: u mean im a fucker
Yatzão says : YEAH.!! u r totally 1 stupid asshole-motherfucker..


Alright..The conversation stopped there after i blasted him like hell..

No replies from him..And what the heck..I just blocked him..Who cares..

And if you really read through it..This guy seems like really turned on when I used the word “I dun give a fuck/damn”

But that’s only when he still thinks I’m a pretty chick out of nowhere

When he realized I’m really a guy..The word “FUCK” turns him off..

MUAHAHAHAHA..Such a foolish and childish guy in New York..

Come to think of it..Is he a gay or what.?? Damn..

Kept telling me to stop kidding on him..yada yada yada..

Even if I am playing a fool on him last time..WHAT THE HECK.?! I dun give a fuck la..

That’s all a stupid conversation between me and an alien from NY..

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