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Sunday, 11 November, 2007

Traffic Offenders – Yellow Box

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It’s another Traffic Offender post, to curb the unhealthy habit of Malaysian drivers..

After 2 posts of double parking in HERE and HERE, this time it’s on the yellow box..

Somehow, I’m not pretty sure is it called the yellow box, but I guess everyone would understand which one I’m talking about..

That’s the yellowline box where you can’t stop your car on it when there’s a traffic congestion..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*In front of Jalan Pudu Fire Station (Balai Bomba), opposite Post Office (Pejabat Pos)*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*It’s a maroon Wira Aeroback (if I’m not mistaken bout the color), WQL 8719*

These kind of people are so ignorant that they would do whatever they like..

Stopping in front of the Fire Station like this is not funny at all, especially when the divider between this side and the other side of the road is open for the fire engine to get across..

If a car stop like this in front of me when I’m trying to cross a road, I’ll honk at it to let other people aware of his/her wrong-doing and make him/her feel guilty, if only they will..

Just the other day, a car was blocking my way in front of Jalan Peel, exiting to Taman Maluri, Cheras Police Station and Jusco, I honked at him like nobody’s business..

Don’t believe it.? Try me..


Friday, 9 November, 2007

Traffic Offenders – Double Parking Caused Massive Jam

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Hey now..I’ve something up in my sleeves after so many filler entries..

Now, it’s the Traffic Offender post again..I’ve one HERE around 1 and a half month ago..

This post was supposed to be up 1 month ago..Due to lots of problem and stuffs, now only I put it up..

First of all, thanks to Jason Lee for lending the camera for the sake of street/road peace..

Again, the Jalan Menara Gading in front of my university is totally messed up..Almost everyday, there’ll be this kind of case happens..

So there I was caught in the chaos in my car, with Jason and Kelvin together with me in my car..

Thanks to the cars that double-parked in front of the shoplots, the cars couldn’t moved on that road..

Then, I decided to get down from the car and started to snap pics of the situation..

It was quite hilarious coz it was a sunny day everyone was so tensed up because of the jam, I’m stll walking around between the cars and taking photos..

Then after awhile later the cars started to disperse back and forth..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*That’s my grey Wira*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*The cars in front of mine*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*The taxi behind my car*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*All cars don’t want to give way*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*A car in front of the van double-parked there..Hence the jam*

I just felt so fun snapping pics like this..It’s all about satisfaction..All the things I might achieve for doing it..

I might help reduce the unnecessary traffic congestion in the country by starting this thing..

More to come on Traffic Offenders post..Stay tune..

Sunday, 23 September, 2007

Traffic Offenders – Double Parking

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Now you see..What I’m trying to blog here is not about me double parking at some stupid limited carpark areas..

From now on I’m going to do some serious shits here for the sake of everyone, everywhere, and anytime..

You see, people tend to double park their car at some busy office areas such as banks, restaurants, etc etc..

This problem often happened at places with bank(s)..

Meanwhile, at Jalan Menara Gading, where UCSI is located, is famous for its traffic congestion..

Thanks to the insufficient parking space and the Maybank in front of the University..

On Friday, 21st of September 2007, about 12noon, this happened in front of the Old Town at Jalan Menara Gading..

Apparently, Kelvin‘s car was blocked by a Mercedes..

It’s quite a norm for double parking in this area..But if you wanted to double park, better be alert when the owner of the car you are blocking honk you..

Even if you don’t give a damn, it’s better if you let go off the handbrake so that people can move your car when it’s blocking the way..

We had been honking like at least 5-10 minutes, and we were in a rush..

Got fed up..Thus the born of this serious matters to curb traffic offenders, applies only to those that irritates me and in my way..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*It’s parked that close*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*A Mercedes you can see*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*BDK 6666*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*Totally in the way of the road*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*Mercedes 230E – BDK 6666*

So if you see this car somewhere on the road, give him a nice stare..

Feel free to break the law on the road if you want to be featured in The Yat (One) And Only Journey..

Monday, 30 July, 2007

What I Hate About Friendster User – Sequel

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I’ve actually wanted to write something about this, until Cedric blogged something on What I Hate About Friendster Users..

He came up with some interesting terms for these Friendster users..

Something like “FULL” Bitches, “I-Believed-In-Forwarded-Mails” Bitches, “I-Like-To-Create-My-Own-Language” Bitches, Testimonials/Comments Desperados, “Look-Says-It-All” Fuckers, and last but not least, Faceless Freaks..

Thus, here’s my add-ons to what I think is missing in his point of view, or rather that’s my point of view..Hahaha..

I know he tries to blog it with the shortest sentences that he could..So here I’ll elaborate some of the things that he mentioned..

“FULL” Bitches

The FULL thingy is actually quite a stupid one..It’s not that I don’t believed that they have a truly 1000 friends in their lists, which they regard as friends..

They actually tend to ask the existing “friends” in the 1st account to add the 2nd account as well..

When the 2nd account gets “FOOL” status, they ask the people in either account 1 or account 2 to add the 3rd account..

So, by all means, no matter how many accounts they virtually have, the most friends they got is actually 1000, only..And that’s only if they really know the people in their friend lists..

The “I-Believed-In-Forwarded-Mails” Bitches

Chain letters such as “If you do not forward this mail to 20 people in your list, we will delete your account, by Allen Smith (Manager of Friendster)” kinda havoc, is just stupid..

If the admin is really trying to clean up, do you think they’ll go with this stupid “Mail-Forwarding” system.?? Of course not..

If they really do, they’ll send each and every users of Friendster about the “serious” issue..

Furthermore, if Friendster is really closing, they wouldn’t be upgrading and improving the homepage to another level..

And for God’s sake, that stupid chain letter has been circulating around the Buletin Board for almost 2 years, and yet people still forwarding it..

“I-Like-To-Create-My-Own-Language” Bitches

Honestly, I totally turned off with this thing..The difficulties to read the words really turns me off..

It just hits my nerves, that I won’t be reading it to stress my eyeballs..Still, normally these kind of users do get a lot of viewers and “stranger friends”..

Does this proves that their eyes are so good just like that they can crack some kinda Da Vinci Code or something.??

Oh c’mon..Get a fucking life for God’s sake..

Testimonials/Comments Desperados

I’ve experienced something like this before..I’ve been forced asked for a testimonial and comments, because the user knew that I’ve had viewed its profile..

And that’s a total stranger to me, whom I chatted on MSN for FEW times only..

How could I say “Hi, nice to meet you” in the testimonial.?? Or do I have to say “You are so cute in that outfit” even though I don’t think so.??

I guess people nowadays misunderstood the meaning of testimonial..

According to my book of Oxford Dictionary, testimonial means – a written statement describing a person’s merits, abilities, qualifications, etc..

And here’s the answer from Wikipedia – Testimonial..

Are they such an assholes to chat in the testimonial section, just to let other people see their conversations.??

I guess when they go for job interviews when they finish their studies (which I doubt most of them will), the testimonials in their CV would be “Yu R s0 Gw3+, From xx-K3n5h1n-xx”..

“Look-Says-It-All” Fuckers

What is happening now is ah bengs guys tend to add ah lians pretty girls or girls with uncountable accounts into their lists..

And ah lians girls like to add ah bengs handsome guys or famous Idols as their “friends”..

What’s the meaning of having the pretty girl or handsome guy in list, albeit the truth that the person doesn’t really know you.??

But then again, what’s the meaning of approving these strangers invites to add you as their friend, when you actually don’t know them.??

If you are sincere enough to start up a conversation via private messaging, that’s fine..You have found a friend..

But just adding them because of their looks.?? Go fuck youself will ya.??

Faceless Freaks

It’s not that condemn these type of users..I know..Not all handphone users have cam-phone..

Not all PC or Internet users have a scanner connected to their PC..

But when you are putting pictures of babies, pretty girls, handsome guys, why don’t you ask a couple of pics from your friends or don’t even bother to put any in it~!!

I know you are afraid when people know your ugly face or big-size body they’ll delete you from their lists..

If you are so afraid of that and don’t even bother to find some sincere friends, why do you bother to create a Friendster account in the first place.???

You are not going to show your face for your whole life, meaning you are not meeting any of the “friends” in your list..

If you do, eventually they’ll block you in MSN or delete you from their lists..It’s happening no matter what..

So you are actually not having any friends, but you feel wanted to.?? Bullshit..

Oh my god..I got a lot to say..Been quite stressed with the Finals just around the corner..

This helps me a lot to release my tension..Aaahhhhhh~~

Friday, 25 May, 2007

Champions League Final 2007 – Pathetic Reds Fans

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On 23rd of May 2007, the Champions League Final 2007 was held in Athens, Greece..

It’s none other than the repeat clash of Liverpool – AC Milan at Istanbul two years ago..

I will not talk about the match, instead, I’ll talk about the place I went to watch and the reactions of the fans..Get the title now.?

I watched it at My Home Bar at Hartamas with a bunch of Liverpool fans..

After their feat two years ago, I do believed that Liverpool might show the better performance against Milan..

I went there with my mind set to support Liverpool, like anyone else..Tai Wai, Ryan, and Junn all being so-called hardcore Liverpool fans were there as well..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*The host of the night*

There were some activities getting on to spice up the whole finale..

Apparently, I found it quite ridiculous and pathetic for these guys..Perhaps it applies to other football clubs fans as well..

You know what they did.? The host was asking questions on quotes..What’s that.?

Let say, “You fart damn smelly..I fart damn wangi”..Who quoted this.? Yatz did..How many of you guys know that this is my quote.? None..

So that’s what they played that night..And to make it more pathetic, they got a small booklet ala mobile dictionary, the whole thing is just about quotes..WTF~!!!

Quotes ranging from Liverpool‘s starting era til present day..Treat it as a Bible and you’ll join the Reds walk together in heaven..It’s pathetic..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*Before kick-off*

As you can see from this pic, fans already yelling AT THE PROJECTOR SCREEN“FUCK OFF AC MILAN~!!” and “COME SUCK MY BALLS~!!”, as if those people in Athens could hear them..

They kept shouting 6 times, 6 times, 6 times..And the people were video-recording the whole commotion..Damn kau pathetic..

They were no difference than the English hooligans who always make troubles when they are drunk..

Luckily Malaysians are all staying in unity and kinda open in accepting critics..If it was heard by the hardcore mafia-bounded Italian fans, I guarantee you none of the Malaysian Reds will survive..

Italian football fans live to fight for their team, and to kill if necessary..But as a Malaysian, we died because we support an English team.? It’s pathetic..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*These guys here singing some songs*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*Still singing wtf*

So, these so-called Reds actually singing to the tune of You’ll Never Walk Alone..They even printed out the lyrics in case you didn’t how to sing..

Sorry to say, but I condemned You’ll Never Walk Alone coz it feels like a song for a black parade..

A theme song should be something like Chelsea‘s..It’s joyous and fun to sing together..

It’s quite a natural thing for me to say so, coz there are even some Malaysians who like US or England‘s national anthem, rather than our very own Negaraku coz it’s so slow and it’s not nice to listen to, so they say..Pak Lah, isn’t it pathetic.?

And also, they came up with lots of other song for the important or influential players as well..

Such as Carragher Song, Gerrard Song, Luis Garcia Song, and Reina Song..

All they did was change the lyrics of some nursery rhymes and sing to the tune..For example When The Saint Go Marching InQue Sera Sera, and so on..

Like I said, I set my mind to support Liverpool before I went there..After I saw these bunch of bozzos, I’m totally turned off by their behaviour..

And what’s that again.? Pathetic..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*Finally it kicks off*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*Nothing really special*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*This is when AC Milan scores through Inzaghi’s elbow deflection*

I was so damn happy when AC Milan scored first..Luckily I’m not the only one..Flex and Landoo, too, supported AC Milan that very night..

Initially I wanted to wear a red color shirt to go there..Luckily, I wore an all black t-shirt with some red patterns on it..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*Ryan the most suspend one*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*This is when Inzaghi scores the second goal*

Again, I was damn happy to see their faces..Hahaha..They were so pathetic..No offence..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*Ryan looks damn dejected*

When Liverpool was trailing 2-0, I was damn sleepy already..Fishing mode at that moment, until Liverpool scored in the dying 87th minutes or so to make it 2-1..

So I couldn’t snap any pics of the Reds celebrating that goal..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*This is during stoppage-time*

So the match ended in a glorious way for AC Milan, to redeem back their pride and dignity they had lost 2 years ago, where they led 3-0 and forced to 3-3 and finally lose out in penalty..

As known to everyone, AC Milan was crowned for the 7th time as the European winner in Champions League..

Meaning.? Liverpool lose lah..Kalah..Shu jor..But they were so PATHETIC that they……..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*The Reds fans still singing their theme song as if they have won the tournament*

After the match, most of the Reds fans did the standing ovation and sang You’ll Never Walk Alone altogether, as if they won the tournament..

Now I know why You’ll Never Walk Alone was the title and the pace was so slow like a sad song..

Because they hardly win any silverware when the club was just formed back then..

So when the Reds didn’t win anything or lose out the tournament, the team will never walk alone coz they got a whole bunch of supporters with them..

And the pace is slow-mo because, apparently, it’s a sad song, coz they hardly win any silverware..

So, the more they sang, they slimmer chance for Reds to win any silverware..

No joke..Two years ago when I was watching the match at Hartamas Square, none of the fans sang You’ll Never Walk Alone..That’s why they won it..

Hahahaha..Isn’t PATHETIC.??

Saturday, 12 May, 2007

TMNut Suck My Cock Again

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For the past week or so, my broadband connection was like hell..

Logging into MSN was a total failure..Troubleshooting showed DNS couldn’t resolve IP address or something..And something has to do with key port..

Hence the delay in my blog-updates (okay, it’s also due to my buzy-ness)..

Been wanted to update my blog for the past few days, but couldn’t log-in to my blogdrive account, unable to open, and many other sites..

Sometimes I even sat in front of the monitor and thought to myself, “What hell am I sitting here for.? I should be sleeping right now..”

I’ve already forgotten the use of broadband and my reason to switch on my PC..I just sat here and play the old-skool PC game, StarCraft – Brood War..Hahaha..

Sorry but that’s the only strategy game that I know how to play..DOTA, Frozen Throne, Tiberian Sun, CnC, sorry, I didn’t know how to play..

Not to mention to open a site would take me ages..It’s almost impossible for me to open my browser’s homepage..

There’s always problems with TMNut..It’s never-ending..

If I’m not mistaken, TMNut is offering some special promotion on the RM88 package recently, with free modem and stuffs..

Stop offering promotions when you couldn’t provide some good service to its current users..

Yea, I know..People have been complaining since Stone Age but why do we still stay loyal as a TMNut subscriber.?

It’s because they monopolized the market since Ice Age, what can we do.? They are the only one who provides broadband with the most reasonable price in BolehLand..

Well, anyway..TMNut is sucking my cock once again..And I guess they are sucking most of Malaysians cocks every now and then..

Oh hell..Let’s just get with it AGAIN and enjoy the 1kbps crawling connection of broadband..

I don’t think there’s any other service provider which offers a 1kbps speed for broadband..It’s our beloved BolehLand after all..



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