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Saturday, 28 July, 2007

Transformers 2007 @ IMAX Theatre, No Spoiler

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“Ku Chi Che Che Jheg”, is the sound that most of us familiar with since at least 20 years ago..

I went to watch Transformers The Movie at IMAX Theatre at Berjaya Times Square, which has the biggest screen in South-East Asia, or maybe Asia.??

I watched it on the 4th week after the movie is released in cinema, nationwide..But still, it’s fully packed..

I tried on the 3rd week, a Saturday, at Berjaya Times Square GSC..To my surprise, tickets were sold out for the rest of the day when I inquired at only 2pm..

Even when I watched at this IMAX Theatre, which I bought 2 tickets at the very last minute, was no exception..

The showtime was at 1.40pm, I reached the counter around 1.35pm..Asked for 2 tickets..I ended up sitting on the 5th row from the front..

Since I haven’t watch it yet, I’m quite desperate to get the tickets..I took it, not wanting to wait for another week..

As soon as I seated on the 5th row from the front, for a while I thought it was a big mistake to get the ticket..

The screen is SO BIG~!! The scope is just too wide..My eyes can’t cover the whole thing..I’m quite dizzy..

The only thing I can do is focus on one spot, that is the center point..

But then, sitting to near to the screen is not a good idea..Dizzy is one thing..

Second, you can’t focus on the screen hence you get confuse of the story and action..

As for me, to watch the action-packed movie I have to tilt my head and turn it left and right just to follow the actions..

There’s no time to read the subtitles..You read the subtitles, you’ll missed the actions on somewhere of the screen..It’s so damn big and wide..

Even so, I enjoyed the movie very much and did planned to watch it again, in the cinema, though I have already downloaded it in my PC..

But I don’t know why, I don’t feel like enjoying it when I watch it on my PC..

I enjoy watching 300 again and again on my PC, which initially was my choice for movie of the year, until Transformers came into the screen..

Now, I’m not too sure whether Transformers was worth it to be my movie of the year..It’s still a highly recommended movie though..

To watch it in IMAX, it’s totally worth it..Just cost RM 15 per ticket for adult and RM 10 for kids..

No twist and turn..Straight to point..Actions through out the whole movie..Hope there will be a sequel to it..

As an avid fan of Transformers even before I entered kindergarten, I truly love this movie, although there’s a bit of changes on the robots..

Others than Optimus Prime and Starscream, other robots are not really in their own form as shown in the cartoon back then..

Hope to watch things like the Constructicons, Insecticons, Dinobots, Omega Supreme, Astrotrain, and some other things like that..

*The Insecticons*

*The Dinobots*

*The Constructicons*

*When the Constructicons combine*

Anyway, it still bring the impact of the battle of Autobots and Decepticons..Nice movie..

More about the original cartoon series, you can check it out at Seibertron : Transformers G1 Series, which I believed is the biggest database of the original cartoon itself..

Ranging from series screenshots to episode summaries and many others, from the very 1st episode of Transformers landing on Earth to Beast Wars Transformers..


Tuesday, 31 October, 2006

The Departed (non-spoiler)

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Went to Midvalley to meet up with Smashpop because he was treating me on “The Departed”, free tickets courtesy of Mix FM..Thanks Popz Big Smile

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*The Departed somewhat premier screening*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Early screening*

“The Departed”, the Hollywood version of HK’s “Infernal Affairs”, starring Matt Damon as I don’t know who coz I haven’t watch the HK version yet..

Same goes to Leonardo Di Caprio..Both of them leading the role of Shawn Yue – Edison Chen and Andy Lau – Tony Leung..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*L-R – Leonardo Di Caprio, Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon*

Starring also Jack Nicholson as Eric Tsang, and Martin Sheen as Anthony Wong..

And also Mark Wahlberg, a senior police officer whom speaks with 4 words out of his every sentences have the word ‘Fuck’..

Matt Damon learns those ‘Fuck’ sentences as soon as he gets promoted to Sergeant or something..

Since I haven’t watch the original “Infernal Affairs”, hence I don’t know how the storyline goes..

I was there on time to meet Smashpop, and the trailers and ads not even started yet..Pheeew~

Even though we were early for the show, somehow we were somewhat missed the opening part of the show..

Because the staff there were so slow to notice that the movie actually has no audio sound..For about 2-4 minutes we watching ‘speechless’ movie..

The whole movie was kinda interesting, provided that I still haven’t watch “Infernal Affairs” (again)..

The scripts of local jokes was kinda funny..The guy sitting behind us laughed so loud..

But I must say the ending is kinda, kinda, kinda..Hmm..Lame.?

A piece of advice..If you already had watched “Infernal Affairs”, watch “The Departed” with lower rate ticket prices or buy the DVD / VCD instead..

Or maybe you can just simply download it, like everyone does..

Friday, 29 September, 2006

The Devil Wears Prada

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Went to watch The Devil Wears Prada with Cat and Adeline..

I don’t know how well the film adaptation is from the novel..But for me, the movie was not bad, funny..

My favourite Anne Hathaway starred in it..That’s the best part..

She’s sweet, pretty, gorgeous, superbly cun, and busty..Yeah..You heard me, busty..

The whole story is all about fashion, and of course some lovey dovey stuffs..

Not really a must see movie..But if you are into fashion, it’s worth a watch and have a good laugh..

Hmm..Nothing much to talk about..I think that’s all..

I’m giving a rating of 6.5/10 maybe..

The soundtracks are not bad..When I tried to search them, it happened that there’s some kinda heavy metal band who called themselves The Devil Wears Prada..

And I was dumbfucked when I listen to the songs, knowing that there were no such songs in that movie..Wtf..

Thursday, 10 August, 2006

Transformers The Movie (2007)

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Everyone.!! Run for your life..The Decepticons is coming to Earth.!!

Yes..It’s absolutely unreal, but it is coming to our cinema in July 2007, for real.!!

*Transformers : 7.4.7*

Transformers The Movie is scheduled for a release date in July 2007..

Transformers, one of my all-time favourite cartoons, featuring Autobots and Decepticons..

Autobots‘ leader Optimus Prime and Decepticons‘ leader Megatron will be fighting against each other on the big screen..

*The Autobots*

*The Decepticons*

It’s not an animated movie..It’s totally all CGI-ed with humans running around avoiding Decepticons attacks..

Just got to know about it when I was watching Reel Review on 8TV (10pm, every Wednesday) just now..

I was so excited and astonished to see the trailer because the animated series is finally coming to life..

I have been watching Transformers since my pre-kindergarten days..And I still have the tapes that I recorded long long time ago..

Yeah..The tapes are almost as old as I am..The quality is getting from bad to worse..But who cares.??? I’m keeping it as a collection..

Anyway..Check it out at Yahoo! Movies : Transformers (2007)..

This movie is directed by Michael Bay, the director of Bad Boys & Bad Boys 2, The Rock (Nicholas Cage), Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, and The Island..

Among the producers are highly rated director, Steven Spielberg..WOOO HOOOOO~!!

Isn’t it amazing.!! I must watch this gem man..Transformers is a classic..

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Transformers Movie Official Site

Wednesday, 9 November, 2005

Emily Rose – The True Story..

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Alright..This is not a review..Just a simple summary and comment bout the REAL story..

The movie showing in cinema now..The Exorcism Of Emily Rose..

Is based on a true story happened in Germany..Between 1952-1976..

And the real name of the Emily Rose character is Anneliese Michel..

According to an article..An upcoming German-language film called Requiem is expected TRUER to what was shown in The Exorcism Of Emily Rose..

To those who don’t have any idea what this movie is about..

It’s about a girl whom is a university student believed to be possessed..

Exorcism was performed on her..In an attempt to get the evil soul out of her..

On the other hand..Numerous exorcism was performed on Anneliese Michel for couple of years..

There were like 6 evil souls in her..Hitler and Judas is among them..

In this movie..A lawyer is trying to defend a priest, whom performed the exorcism on Emily Rose, was charged of negligence manslaughter..

I think that’s all I have to say about the REAL STORY of Emily Rose..

For further information..Check on the links below (click on links)..

==> The Short Story About Emily Rose (Anneliese Michel)

Saturday, 2 July, 2005

Initial D The Movie.!!!

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Don’t you guys worry..I’m not gonna tell you all about the movie..

Just a simple summary..It’s a VERY VERY NICE MOVIE.!!

Well..Went to watch the movie at KLCC last night after work with Fuzz and Jerry..

Being a fan of the anime itself..I can say that this movie is a very compilation of the anime..

4 Stages(seasons) have out for the anime..This movie is the combination of the first 3 Stages..

Shorten a lot from the real story and changed some plot of the characters..

It’s still a good movie though..A must see movie..Not to miss it..

In the whole movie..There are only 2 scenes are computer-generated..

While other stunts of drifting are 100% real skills from the professionals..

Kids..Don’t try the stunts at home..

For the characters..It’s very surprisingly that Jay Chou speaks on his own instead of using other people’s voice..

Chapman To and Anthony Wong are damn funny..Listen carefully to their words..Hahaha..

All the actors are so into their characters..I mean they acted very good..

Besides racing..Ofcoz there’s still love story and others..

Jay Chou and Anne Suzuki are so into their characters’ role, emotionally..

I guessed that Jay Chou fanatic, Bee Yan will cry, bcoz of the emotional scene from her idol..

Maybe she’ll not cry..I think she’ll still has her eyes wet though..Hehehe..

In other words..All of the actors are bringing their characters’ role very good, very real..

Oh my gosh..Can’t wait for the next instalment..

Yea..Surely there will be the next instalment..Coz Takumi Fujiwara is joining the Project D Racing Team..

I might watch this movie for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time..It’s a very good movie..

See..I didn’t talk about the movie in detail..So..Catch it before it’s too late..

Ya..You can try a simple game about it in the movie’s official site,

You better buy the ticket for the coming days..Coz you won’t get to watch it today if you were to buy the ticket today..

I mean..If you are buying the ticket today..Buy it for other days..Damn packed i tell you..

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