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Tuesday, 24 May, 2005

Initial D The Movie.??

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Everyone also awares that Initial D The Movie will be in the big screen soon.. According to the official website’s release date of the movie in Malaysia, is on the 27th of June 2005..

Check out the official site of Initial D The Movie at (click on link)..

Here’s a quick preview for those who got trouble to the load that site..

The movie starring lead actor Jay Chou, Eason Chan, Shawn Yue, Jordan Chan, Anne Suzuki, Chapman To, Anthony Wong, and Kenny Bee..

As every anime fans know..Jay Chou acts as Takumi Fujiwara..The Toyota Trueno AE86 driver..

Yes Beeyan..You own that car..That’s right..Be proud twice as you are a super-diehard-fanatic-fan of Jay Chou..

You know why.?? Coz Jay also owns that car now..A total resemblence of the original car from the anime..

Anthony Wong as his father, Bunta Fujiwara..Owns a Tofu shop..

Eason Chan as his rival, Ryousuke Takahashi who drives the white Mazda RX-7 (FC3S) from the group Red Suns..

Shawn Yue as Takeshi Nakazato, is also another rival from the group Night Kids who drives Nissan Skyline GT-R..

Jordan Chan as Kyouichi Sudou, is a challenger from the group Emperor who drives Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III..

Anne Suzuki as Natsuki Mogi, supposed to be Takumi’s (Jay) girlfren..But bcoz of some understanding..Those who watched the anime Initial D 3rd Stage knows what happened..

Chapman To as Itsuki Tachibana..His character is just like a fruit seller/fishmonger type of person..Talks a lot of bullshits in a loud voice..

And Kenny Bee as Chapman’s father, Yuuichi Tachibana..As good fren of Anthony Wong’s character..

Anyway..For frequent visitors..You could have noticed something..

In the Upcoming Movies section..Unfortunately, this movie is not in the list..

Although numerous ads and promos on TV and newspapers and contests had done..I doubted if the movie will be screening in Malaysia..

Yes..There’s still a 50-50 possibility..GSC doesn’t have it..Maybe TGV will be screening it..Who knows..

Just wondering why GSC is not showing it as it will rake in a huge amount of profit..

It will certainly be a great movie and lots of people will turn on to queue up for the ticket..

Before I stop this post..Try to check out these CHIO PIC (click on link)..CHIO PICS AGAIN (click on Link)..

Umm..I think that’s all for now..See ya..


Thursday, 7 April, 2005

Golden Faith

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Yesterday..I mean, Tuesday..Popular TVB Drama Series, Golden Faith showed on TV3 has ended..

Well..I’m not an ASTRO subscriber..So..I’m a little bit of slow to watch this highly-rated HK drama..

The drama has finally came to an end yesterday..wraps up the 43-episodes drama series..

A great drama about relationships between family..Friendship..Love..Revenge..War of business..

Sacrifices..Conflict..Stupidity..and all wonderful sorts of virtues and elements in ones life..

I’m a true fan of Gallen Law (Lo)..The leading actor in this drama..Better known as Ivan Teng Sin Poon for those who don’t know who is Gallen Law..

Watched his “At The Threshold Of An Era”..Also another superb drama about the same theme as “Golden Faith”..

Well..1 thing I like about “Golden Faith”, is bcoz the relationship between Ivan (Gallen Law) and Rachel (Jessica Hester Hsuan)..

And also the brotherly love between Ivan and his siblings..

Some might say,”All the sacrifices he made are just bullshits..That’s only happens in movies..”

Yes..I also agree to that point that yes indeed, he’s totally too kind and superbly Mr Nice Guy in this drama..

But what the heck..Hero RULEZ.!! Hero takes it all.!!

At the beginning..Gallen Law and Jessica Hester were in love, in some sort of love at first sight thing..

But family problems restrained Gallen Law to continue to be with Jessica Hester (I’ll call them Ivan and Rachel la..DAMN long la their names)..

Ivan’s adopted father is a well-known gold-investor-cum-businessman..But also the head of some kinda triad gang..

On the other hand..Rachel is a lawyer..

1 against the law..And the other 1 is the law..

Such a dillema for them to be together..

It could worked out actually..But too bad Ivan puts love aside..FAMILY FIRST..

Bcoz of that..Rachel couldn’t accept Ivan’s policy of Family First..And why not love first.??

Apparently..Ivan feels that he owed to this adopted family..Bcoz if not bcoz of his adopted father..He might drowned to death..

So there story goes on until he found his long lost younger brother..

And again..Ivan against the law..His long lost brother is also the law..A policeman..

Bcoz of that gap between them..It restrains Ivan to reunite with his brother..

The story goes..The adopted father died..Then the uncle of adopted family, is a bad guy..

Trying to own his dead brother’s wealth..With the help of Ivan’s step-brother..Oscar..

Then the stupidity of Oscar being found out by his bad-uncle..Hence, problems coming 1 by 1..

Oscar thought he is fooled by Ivan all this while, bcoz of his stupidity..

So Oscar is being conned by his bad-uncle to do all the crime activities..

When Oscar revealed Ivan is not his biological brother..Oscar tells Ah Hong aka Ivan’s biological brother, the policeman..

Then the 2 renuite after some quarrel..And Oscar still being fooled by his bad-uncle..

Matters get worst when the bad-uncle instigates Oscar turn his back on Ivan..

Then both of them would become enemy and there’s no more hope for Teng Gold Company or something like that (known as Teng Fong in Cantonese)..

Then bla bla bla..Bla bla bla..Bla bla bla..

Until the climax..Where Oscar tries to murder Ivan and at the same time robs Teng Fong’s $100 million worth of gold bars..

Right before he could kill Ivan..Stupendous Oscar found out that his bad-uncle is BAD..

Then Ah Hong rushed to the scene and suddenly BANG.!!

A shot was fired from dunno whose gun..Either Oscar’s, or Ah Hong’s..

The shot hit Ivan’s chest and Ivan is in critical condition near to death..

Then ofcoz..Rachel help him out to fight for the will to survive..

Then ofcoz Ivan couldn’t give up Rachel bcoz they were sooo in love..

Then he wakes up..Tells the truth about what had happened..

So..The bad-uncle is sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and Oscar 7 years imprisonment..

Then Ivan and Rachel migrate to Australia..The place where they met and where they fell in love to each other..

That’s the end of the story..I hope u get the picture of what the drama is all about..

Try to download or buy it from stores..

It’s a worth-to-watch drama..For emotional people..You will cry like hell..And the theme songs are damn nice..

Whatever..Watch it if you still haven’t..Love it if u had..

Sunday, 21 November, 2004


Filed under: Movies — Yatz @ 2:54 am has been about 1 month and 2 weeks..I didn’t step into any cinema since the semester started..

So..I’m not going to review any movies here..but comment on previews..U know the difference, right..?

Alright..the 1st movie..since Finding Nemo..there are quite a lot of animations on the big screen..

There is Shark Tale..with the voices of Angelina Jolie..Will Smith..and Robert De Niro..

With Christina Aguilera‘s soundtrack..Car Wash..Featuring Missy Elliot..

Then there is this adventure cum comedy animation..The Incredibles..from the creator of Finding Nemo..

Like I said..I didn’t watch any movies lately..but I heard it’s a good movie..funny..

Another coming soon animation is The Polar Express..with the voice of Tom Hanks..

Umm..I have no idea what this movie is about..but of’s about a train..

That’s all for animations..Let’s go to horror flicks..

The 1st one would be..The u all’s totally, absolutely the American version of Ju-On : The Grudge..

Hollywood bought the rights from the original Ju-On maker to remake it in US version..

So..there’re no changes between US and Japanese version..absolutely..THE SAME.!! (and it’s in the Top 10 list of movies in US..duh~..)

With lovely Sarah Michelle Gellar starring as the lady whose hair touched by a hand during shower time..Woo Hoo.!!

Then..One Missed Call..If I’m not mistaken..It’s a Korean horror movie..

From the trailer..It’s something like a movie with the combination of Korea’s The Phone and┬áJapan’s Ju-On..

Let’s go to our neighbouring country, Thailand..YUP.!! They came out with a so-called “most horror movie ever in Thailand”..

The Shutter..Well..from the trailer..It’s something like a bunch of I don’t know who..

Having camera with them, taking ghosts pics..

If u owned or have played a Sony Playstation 2..u might have played Fatal Frame before..

It’s about a journalist or someone like that..walking around like RPG game..holding a camera snapping pictures of ghosts..

It’s very scary if u play it at night with the lights off..So..U can imagine a little about the Thai movie..brr~~*shivers down my spine*

Umm..that’s all I know for horror flicks..Now..Let’s go to action-adventure..

The long-awaited trilogy..Star Wars : Episode 3 : Revenge Of The Sith..

The 1st instalment was The Phantom Menace..The 2nd Episode..I forgot the title..

Anyway..I watched both 1st and 2nd on VCD..which the 2nd one..I didn’t finished it..

I just watched the 1st CD..which I’m alredy bored with it..

Not to mention all the people out there not satisfied with the more-to-love-story-movie between Anakin Skywalker and..what’s the character played by Natalie Portman..?!?!

The 3rd Episode..should be the final instalment of all Star Wars series..

From The Return Of The Jedi..The Empire Strikes Back..and..ARGH~!! I always forget one of it..

OK..from these 3 earlier trilogy..It’s about Luke Skywalker..who is Anakin Skywalker‘s son..

But in the prequel trilogy..It’s about Anakin Skywalker..who later become Darth Vader..

Yea..the guy with black suits and a black helmet..with the sound of HOO~..HOO~..HOO~..whenever he breathes (like he’s suffocating)..

So..Episode 3 : Revenge Of The Sith is where Anakin becoming Darth it out..

But too bad..the movie will only premier in May 2005..sigh~..

Then in mid-December..another long-waited movie has arrived..

Kung Fu Hustle by the hilarious Stephen Chow..YEAH.!! His 1st movie since Shaolin Soccer in 2001..

Stephen Chow will be coming to KL to promote this movie in attention to that..hehe..

Well..I think..that’s all for my movie previews..See u guyz again next time..

Thursday, 14 October, 2004

Milla Jovovich Rocks Resident Evil..!!

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Finally..I had watched Resident Evil 2 – The Apocalypse..!! Yeah.!!

Alright..this time I won’t talk about the movie contents..If u guys want to talk about the contents with me..Let’s talk about it in the comment section,k..

I’ll just have a brief talk on it..In case for those who can’t watch movies because of studying abroad or what..

Resident Evil 2 – The Apocalypse starts where it ends in the 1st Resident Evil..

The character remains..Lovely girl Milla Jovovich as Alice..who used to work for Umbrella Corporation..

Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine..the main character in the game Resident Evil..

Raccoon City is all messed up because of the T-Virus..all the people in Raccoon City become zombie..

The bad guy in the game Resident Evil..Nemesis appears in this sequel..

Ok..that’s all..Whoa..After all these movies i had watched..I’m kinda like addicted to movies..

Since my break started last month..I had watched 6 movies til now..

Now I’m a frequent movie-goer..hahahaha..Hmm..Let’s wait for Shark Tale..Exorcist – The Beginning..a prequel to the exorcist..The Incredibles..

Wednesday, 13 October, 2004

Salute To The Great Firefighter~Jack Morrison – Ladder 49

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Hello’s blog-time again..

Well..nothing special happened these previous few┬ápost for it..but it’s a different story now..I got a new story..

Ladder 49..for those who doesn’t know what it is..It’s a new movie..It’ll be premier on local cinemas on 14th October 2004..

KLCC alredy having a few shows a day..some kinda sneak previews..So..I watched it just now..Just came back from KLCC watching the movie..

Ladder 49..a movie about firefighters (we call it fireman in Malaysia)..It’s something like Hong Kong Chinese Drama – Burning Flame..

Ladder 49 starring John Travolta..Joaquin Phoenix..and a guy i don’t know what’s his name..umm..the guy in X-Files..not Fox Mulder..the guy after Mulder‘s death..

Anyway..this movie, Ladder 49..concentrates more on Jack Morrison (Joaquin Phoenix)..John Travolta as Captain Mike..

Jack Morrison..begun his firefighter career as a rookie..he works with the Baltimore Fire Department..and has a great headman..Captain Mike..

He’s doing fine with his the hoseman..responsible for putting out the fire..

He meets his wife..Linda Morrison (hmm..quite pretty though)..together with his best-fren..Denise (a guy..also a firefighter..)

One’s very unfortunate for Denise..Jack’s best-fren..he fell down into a collapsing building while doing his job..

It’s very hard for Jack and the other members of Engine 33 (it’s the number of the fire-truck they used) and Ladder 49 (the number of their battalion)..

From that moment onwards..Jack decided to shift his job..from a a truckman (runs into the fire and rescue victims)..

He tries his best to save a way he shows his respect to his best-fren..Denise..

Until 1 day..Tommy..1 of the crew into accident..some hot steam blew to his face at a very high force and momentum..

Tommy‘s face become so bad..that they need to use dead people’s skin to save his face..

Jack traumatised by the 2 incidents..questioning himself..whether to continue as a truckman to save lifes..or be as a chief assistant at the headquater as Captain Mike recommended..

Anyway..Jack still continue his truckman trauma..until 1 day..the Christmas Day..

He saves 1 life..and being honoured for his bravery to save life on Christmas Day..

After that..he’s happy with his truckman job..and without any fear..he’s 1 great firefighter.. a firefighter..risks are still exist anywhere at anytime..

A tall-building broke into fire..and it’s a great fire..with flames and explosion from every corner of the building..

Making it hard to put out the fire..but..there are victims inside the burning’s the firefighters’ job to put out the fire and save lifes..

Jack together with other crew members of Ladder 49..charged into the look for victims..

Because of the fire..other crew members need to rescue the people out of the building..left Jack alone trying to find the remaining 1 victim..

He found him..and rescued him through the firetruck’s safety ladder..

But explosion burst out and the walls and floors in the building collapse..and Jack Morrison fell back into the building..Just to rescue a life..

He says to the frigthen victim, “I’m not going before u go..”

Because of that..he himself got into trouble..resulting the other crew from other battalions help out to find Jack..trapped inside the building, injured..

Captain Mike himself commanded the rescue team..because Jack is 1 of his best-fren..and among the best of the best..

It is so close for the rescue team to rescue Jack out from the flaming building..after lots of efforts from Jack to try to save himself..

He needs to crawl and break walls to get to another room for an easier rescue mission..

But..a hot and high burning flame between the door..where the rescue team is..and the room..where Jack is..

It caused problem for them to reach the flames of fire is very very hot and thick to get through..

So..Jack decided to let his teammates to go..letting him burn inside..rather than burning other lifes..

By using walkie-talkie..Jack told tell his wife, Linda..that he always loves her.. ~sob sob sob~..

I began try cry at this do others who are watching with me.. ~sob sob sob~..

He risked his save a man..Captain Mike also knows the outcome..

So..he decided to retreat his rescue team..and the burning goes on.. ~sob sob sob~ ='( ~ iskh ~ iskh ~ iskh ~..

And there’s the funeral ceremony..i creid again.. ~sob sob sob sob~..

Jack Morrison..I salute him as 1 of the greatest firefighter ever.. /(‘ ‘)

If everyone be careful not to let things like this happened..there’ll be peace everywhere in the world and no life risks..

I can’t stop holding my tears even when i write this blog.. ~sob sob sob~

This movie makes me think of Armageddon.. ~sob sob sob~..

I’m signing off here.. ~sob sob sob~

Tuesday, 28 September, 2004

Movie Again..

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Well..look at the time now…just back from Midvalley (what de heck..again..?!?!)..

Yea..watching Princess Diaries 2 – The Royal Engagement just now..midnight show..with’s Ji-ann..

At 1st..when i heard Deral is booking tickets for the Princess Diaries 2..i was like..Are there no more other movies to watch..????

I thought it was another lame sissy movie for i didn’t watch the 1st one..

But..just to accompany Ji-ann to watch a movie as she’s bored to the heck..just watch it..

It turned out quite good..not as bad as i thought..and i would consider it as 1 of the meaningful movies that i watched..

It’s funny..and..quite meaningful..

It teaches us..just do what we feel is right..u may make mistakes in the mid-way of everything that u did..but..the mistakes would be a lesson to u.. something for your love because of something..

Like Princess Mia (Anne Hathaway) 1st..she chose to love someone because she needs to be married to take over the throne..

It’s the law in the country called Genovia..a female need to be married to take over the throne..and a guy dun have to be married to take over the throne..

The couple are happy to be together..but not love to be together..and dun have feelings for each other..

On the other hand..Princess Mia loves the person..who is trying to take away her last..he gives up..

It ended Princess Mia takes the throne without marrying to the one she doesn’t love..

And..she found love with the 1 who really loves her..and because of that he gave up to take away the throne from her..(it’s all bcoz of his uncle..trying to sabotage Princess Mia)

So..that’s what i something for your love..and not to not love because of something..hope u know what i mean..

Umm..i would like to say The Bourne Supremacy (Matt Damon) and The Terminal (Tom Hanks) could be also a nice movie..after watching the trailers..

Hmm..until’s the 4th day since Irene left KL..dunno what is she doing now..??

Hope she’ll be fine in UK..and contact me as soon as possible..

I got contact with See Yee Through her new number..she’s fine in Ukraine..the weather is hot no worries..

And dunno how’s Yian Wei’s been 1 week since he left KL to UK too..

Hope he’ll be fine too..

Not to forget Lausanne..who is in India now..hope she’s fine too..

Ok..that’s all for now..signing off here..need to get some sleep..chiaow..

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