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Tuesday, 13 November, 2007

Angkasawan Brought Home Some Treasure??

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Sorry todelay this entry for so long..I should have posted it like 1 month ago.?? Like I said, PC problem..Can’t do anything..

Well, the Angkasawan hoo-hah is kinda stupid..

To make it worst, the government so damn happy with the few millions spent on the Angkasawan to send him to space for nothing..

At the same time, they are crying out loud for subsidising petrol for its people, saying it’s very expensive to do so..

I have no idea what kind of lame excuse is that and they planned to send the second Angkasawan to go up, thus need the third one for back up.?? Bullshit..

But anyway, I’ll leave that discussion on my next entry (hopefully)..

This time I’m talking bout the day when the Angkasawan (I don’t even know what’s his name) came back to Earth..

So news reports on TV and newspapers, everything focused on him..

There’s one thing that quite amused me, sort of..

If I’m not mistaken, he’s allowed to take something back to Malaysia or Earth from the outerspace..

But one thing for sure, I didn’t know that he brought home some treasure with him..

Or is it some kinda bribery that Russia gave us, or is it the other way round.??

Don’t believe it.? Try to look at this..You’ll never get this anywhere..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*The spacecraft Soyyuz or something returns SAFETY to Earth with Russians, and mambo bimbo Sheikh Muszaphar*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*Only on NTV7, Your Feel Good Channel*

See, no bluffing..They did return a safety to Earth, which I don’t know where they took it from, and kept it where..

From the Mars.? Moon.? Or, perhaps from our pocket money..Hmm *shrugs*

Isn’t that something to talk about, instead of his marriage plan, the death of his brother, and some other stupid stuffs..

Well anyway, you guys decide it, whether it’s something to laugh about, or, something to laugh out loud..LOL~!!


Tuesday, 6 November, 2007

Creative Xbox 360 Ads

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Sorry, proper updates will be up very soon..

Anyway, this is one creative ads by Xbox 360..It’s been on Youtube for quite some time (that’s how filler entry comes =P)..

It started with one guy whom bumped onto 2 other guys, then they suddenly lock stares into each other..

Then they take out their handguns, yes, pun intended that is..

Then the people in the whole complex or town started to take out their handguns and point to anyone in front of their eyes..

Out of a sudden everyone is shooting around like there’s no tomorrow..It’s like playing first-person shooter game..

Anyway, it’s a very creative and funny ads..Nice one..

*Xbox 360 Ads*

Anyone else found anything funny like this?

This is a filler entry, thank you and have a nice day..

Thursday, 1 November, 2007

Saint Seiya Parody, Saint Sea Hat

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Sorry for the hiatus again guys..Been busy with my works as an intern in some kinda interesting company at somewhere in KL..

Will talk about it as soon as I got the greenlight from the boss..

Anyway, because my PC hasn’t come back from the shop yet, I’ve another Youtube to show you guys..

This one is so funny man..It’s so geniusly made wtf..

You know Saint Seiya the classic anime.? Check it out at Wikipedia – Saint Seiya..

Anyway, I’ll talk about Saint Seiya next time..I want to talk about its opening song, Pegasus Fantasy..

Now, the parody version is called Saint Sea Hat or whatsoever..

First off, the original version..

*Pegasus Fantasy*

Now you’ve watched the original version of the opening clip of the anime..

Let’s go to the second video, the parody one..

Note, this is not a translation..It’s totally straight from the Japanese language itself..

*Saint Sea Hat by Buffalax*

Saint Sea Hat Lyrics

Time to shoot a duck!
Cocoa never cost you more!

Boot his head!
Cause of cable!
Cause its sad!

He’s a stupid cat!
Mama shook an iron coat!

She caught you eating a cock!
How’s Liu Kang looking God?

Penis is a phantom juice!
So Lou may back you up!

Better move or you aim
You have coke on your nose!


Jew made you a beaten man
Oh shit! I knew your son!


The gas is super Yogi!!!

He has your soul


It’s so damn funny right..

Sorry guys..I have loads of pics to post but I need my PC to do that..ARRGGHHH~!!

Anyway, I’m kinda enjoying myself with my internship..So, till the next entry, adios..

Friday, 19 October, 2007

Retarded Gay-Lord Of The Ring Parody

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I’ve been searching for this Lord Of The Ring parody for days in Youtube..

Had watched this video like 2-3 years ago..The best ever parody of Lord Of The Ring and total gayness..LOL..

It’s all about destroying the Ring too, but with a different way of executing it, the retarded gay way..

Enjoy dudes and dudettes..

*Retarded Gay-Lord Of The Ring Parody*

Til the next entry, enjoy it over and over again =P

Wednesday, 17 October, 2007

Transformers and Lord Of The Ring Fusion Trailer

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Oh hell..Been waiting for the pics of the booze party from Jenifer in my MSN sharing folder..

But to no avail, the files in her folder doesn’t seem to synchronize with my folder at all..

So I browsed through Youtube and found something funny and totally cool..

A fusion of Transformers and Lord Of The Ring movie trailer..

The trailer is all about Transformers, with dubbing of LOTR movie trailer..If not mistaken should trailer of LOTR 1 – Fellowship Of The Ring..

The dubbing is so cool and amazing..Check it out..

*Transformers & LOTR fusion movie trailer*

There are a lot more parodies on LOTR..Check them out in

Tuesday, 10 July, 2007

Malaysian English The Bestest

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I came across a pamphlet the other day..

It’s some sales or something at a store somewhere in Kuala Lumpur..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*Notice the mistake.??*

We have 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, and 3th Floor..LOL~!!!

I just can’t get enough of this stupid pamphlet..It’s damn amusing..Hahaha..

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