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Wednesday, 14 November, 2007

Online Casino On The Move

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Nowadays, most people like to gamble online now, namely online football betting, online casino, online NBA betting, and such..

Online betting such as online casino is so convenient and much relaxing, as you can sit down or lay down on your bed to put the betting at your home.

I used to bet online, but mostly on footballs, as in soccer, not American Football..The sad thing is it’s illegal in Malaysia..

If it’s legal, how I wish I could play some online casino games to make some decent earnings..

I don’t have to take public transport or drive all the way up to Genting Highlands, the only place where gambling is illegal in Malaysia, to gamble..

Now I have found a website which basically is a portal for a lot of online casino websites..And that is, offers reviews on online poker..

But to say it’s a portal, it’s actually an online casino review site, which includes ranking, maximum bonus available, certificates, editor ratings,  player ratings, and full review..

I would say Pro360’s reviews are quite dependable, resourceful, genuine, and neat..All of the ratings on different categories are all shown clearly and it’s a good thing..

Newbies like me would know which gambling to start from and slowly jumping from 1 site to another site as time goes on..

On top of the ranks is Fortune Room, with 100% recommendation from Editors and 95% rates from Players..In Fortune Room, it includes online Baccarat, 3 card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker and online craps..

According to Pro360, Fortune Room Casino is a very good casino with a large number of games..If you are into big bets, this should be a good casino for that and the way in which the casino presents and runs is top notch..

On the second spot, is Platinum Play, with 100% ratings from the Editors and 81% from Players..According to Pro360 again, you will notice that it has a very sleek, well balanced cutting edge design which makes it looks very professional..

These 2 online casino sites are some of those that are available to American Players..

Few of the top ranking sites which are ineligible for American Players are Europa, Casino Tropez, and Bingo Day UK..

How I wish I could gamble online in Malaysia.


Tuesday, 19 December, 2006

Pay Per Post Frenzy

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Ever since I started blogging 2 years ago, I didn’t thought of earning money through ads or anything..

Coz it just can’t seemed right to be real, and I’m not the kind of person who likes to do my shoppings online..

At the same time, I’m curious on how these things work and how it would generate money, which I called it as extra income..

After knowing some well-known bloggers, I’ve roughly get the idea on all these online-making-money thingy..

Other than Google Adsense, I’ve got to know about PayPerPost, which you’ll get paid for blogging..

Other than get paid to blog, I will have some topics to blog about..Sometimes my brain were out of ideas and blogging materials..

Perhaps with PPP, it will widen my blog topics..

When I get the right amount of money from PPP, I’ll maybe buy a hosting for my blog, and perhaps, to try out shopping the online way..

Now, get your grip and tryit out on your own..

And oh, before I forget, do put me as your referral ( if you ever register for an account..

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