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Sunday, 2 September, 2007

Types Of Ghosts

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We are still in the Hungry Ghost Month of the Lunar Calendar..

So I thought these things would be informative for you guys..

I think none of the followings match any of the Malay ghosts that we heard of, such as Polong, Penanggal, Hantu Air, Hantu Raya, Hantu Galah, etc etc..

Maybe they belonged to one of the groups but these Malay ghosts seemed to be famous for their own names and shapes already..


  • A spectral recording of a specific location that is played back later in time.
  • You can hear it on tape or see it with your naked eye. It’s often the echo of a traumatic event, like a murder or mutilation.


  • A being that inhabits nature, like goblin or an elf.
  • It is commonly described as “shape-shifter”, with the ability to grow or shrink at will and to change from a solid to liquid.


  • An entity that closely resembles a living person. You might not suspect that it’s not human, until it walks through a brick wall.


  • When a person, object or spirit is seen in two locations at the same time.


  • A phenomenon that takes several forms :
    • Sometimes a medium allows a spirit to enter his or her body, eithe partially or fully – in order to communicate with the living.
    • In demonic possession, an entity takes over someone’s body without permission and won’t leave.


  • A ghost that can only be seen in photographs.
  • It can take many forms, including an orb , vortex, an ectoplasmic mist or optical abnomality.


  • A spirit that exists without physical body. You know that creepy feeling you get when you walk through a graveyard? You’re probably being stalked by one.


  • Ghosts that don’t believe they are dead.
  • They can’t move on and spend eternity watching us, envying us – and often hating us just for being alive.


  • A ghost that is sentinent, and angry.
  • It will try to attract your attention by creating foul odors, moving things around, making noises, slamming doors, and hiding things..


  • An angry, mischievous ghost that can be traced to psychokinetic acitivity created by living beings, usually children, who live with great stress.
  • Events surrounding it can include objects that appear and disappear at random, electrical disturbances, water coming from no apparent source, foul odors, rocks raining from the sky or ceiling and spontaneous fires.


  • A spherical, translucent mass of energy that resembles a ball of pure light.
  • It is the most basic and most photographed type of spirit and it often appears in haunted places.


  • A subtance that emanates from a medium during a trance.
  • It can be a mist, a vapor, a gush of blood from the mouth or just a spume of putrid goo.


  • A being that is intense, powerful and very rare.
  • It is usually the ghost of an extremely violent individual, like a murderer, psychotic, or just plain evil person. Mayb it was never a human to begin with.]


  • A very strange and mysterious phnomenon that usually appears as a swirling funnel shape.
  • When it slows down, it looks straight and narrow and is often confused with a speeding orb.

Anniversary Entity

  • Appears only on a date that was significant to it, like the day the person was killed in a horrible accident or the day he was murdered.


  • A visual representation of a ghost, usually as a transparent figure.
  • It looks as real as a living person, and it interacts with the living – until it disappears into thin air.

Electromagnetic Field

  • Combines electric and lagnetic energy that radiates from radio and light waves to gamma and cosmic rays.
  • It manipulates these to suit its own ends – Have you ever felt your hair stand on end.?


  • A manifestation of the thoughts and fears of the human subconcious.


  • A spirit that possesses a living person and forces him/her to do evil.

So that’s all the types of ghosts that we got, from the western knowledge..

Infos taken from Haunted House NYC..


Tuesday, 14 August, 2007

Hungry Ghost Festive Month

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It’s the Hungry Ghost Festive month again everyone..

It started on 13th of August til 10th of September 2007..The peak season is said to be on 30th of August, Merdeka Eve..

I believe that most Chinese parents would advise their children not to stay out til late at night to avoid bumping onto any ‘dirty‘ things..

Anyhow, my mind is contradicting in any other ways..I don’t know whether to believe in it or not, but I do take pre-cautions..

I’m scared to go out to the mamak near my house when I got hungry late at night..

It’s reported in the newspapers that couples are afraid to take pics during this season, if they were to wed during this season..

They are afraid if those pics might appear another figure beside them..

Wedding is hopefully a once in a lifetime thingy, so how can they skip the outdoor photoshooting part.??

And worst of all, if they are so scared, why choose to wed during the Hungry Ghost Festival in the first place.?? I don’t get it..

One thing about whether to believe it or not, an argument made me think like that..

I’m not sure it’s correct or not..Correct me if I’m wrong..Sorry if I offended any people here..

This Hungry Ghost Festive month is to offer the deads with food, hell money and other things..

But then again, other than to pray for those neglected wandering souls/spirits, aren’t those whom got buried or cremated already sent to the netherworld and waiting to be reincarnated.??

If the souls/spirits of the deads already reincarnated, then meaning they have a new body as their house..

So is it possible for the deads to come back and accept our offerings.??

Okay, let’s assume that they do come back for the offerings, I thought since we were lil kid, we were taught that once we were dead, we’ll walk past a bridge where we’ll be offered a soup called “Mang Po Tong“..

After drinking this soup, we’ll forget our past life and get on with a new life in heaven/hell and wait to be reincarnated into the world again..

Even if they haven’t reincarnated yet, they should have lost their memory of the past life, meaning they have forgotten their family and friends..

It’s all just my thought..No offence..Sorry for me being a Free-Thinker, but I’m still a Chinese..

I cannot deny that I’ll be bound with all these customs and rules and stuffs for the rest of my life, as I’m a Chinese..

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Thursday, 24 August, 2006

The Heaven Ritual at Fatt Wah Temple

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Yesterday was the day where “Chiu Dou” was being performed at Fatt Wah Temple, Salak South, Kuala Lumpur..

So I was there to so-called send my mom’s soul to the heaven..

Chiu Dou” is something like cleansing ritual and send the souls up to heaven to be with the almighty Namo Amitabha..Wtf..

But there’s one thing I don’t understand..

Since you already sent your deceased family member’s soul up to heaven, why you need to send it again the next year or perhaps the next “Chiu Dou” event.??

Is it that they will fall back to ground every certain period and you keep sending them back up there again and again and again.??

No wonder the nuns and monks make a lot of money in this industry..

Most of the nuns in this temple owned an above average car..

Cars like Merz, Toyota, Honda, and some other imported cars..National car tak mainlah..

The place was packed like tunas (had enough of sardines)..

But of course, lots of people means got chicks, even in a temple like this ^^

There was even a goth-wannabe girl..She dressed in those flowerish-lolita-style-blouse, which was of see-through material..

A above knee-length jeans skirt, and knee-length stockings..

Well, the blouse was so thin that I could saw her bra is in purple color, and her skirt was so low that I could saw her G-string..Wtf..

I guess I’ll narrate the whole thing with the assistance of pics that I had taken there..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*That’s my dad, going to where my mom’s altar was being placed*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Rows of paper altars*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*More or less around 2000 altars*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Vegetarian meal*

To be honest, this was my first time to eat in a temple..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Paper gold and silver bars*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*The paper Titanics*

These paper Titanics will sail the souls up to heaven..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Everyone seems so busy*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*The God paper-figurine*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Paper-golds being placed around the God*

*Video of burning the God paper-figurine*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Some flowers and a coin*

During the ritual, we were told to line-up and cross a bridge then received these flowers and a 10 cent coin from the nuns..

What for they gave me flowers and a 10 cent coin.?? Why don’t they just give me a RM 10 note.?!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*The crowd is waiting*

They were waiting for the nuns to clean up the tables first before they can take the altars..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Rush hour*

EVeryone was rushing and squeezing through to get to their family altars..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*My mom’s paper altar*

There is something I find it very funny but I think it’s rather disturbing to those devout Buddhists and Taoists..

Anyway..I’m going to share it with you guys and let’s laugh out loud together..Hahahaha..

As I was holding my mom’s altar like everyone else holding their family member’s altar, we had to do something with it..

There was a wooden couch (like those in your secondary school canteen) placed between 2 paper-bridges..

We had to hold the altar and take them cross the bridges..Well, not any normal crossings..

You have to do it step by step just like the image below..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Sorry for my bad drawing*

That’s right..You have to hold the altar and walk step by step up the bridge then down the bridge..

I just couldn’t held back my laughs after my altar breeze walking..Hahahaha..

An auntie standing beside me did it so precisely and carefully that the nun told her to walk faster coz there were a bunch of people waiting in-line behind her..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*The altars on the Titanics*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Altars placing*

As you can see, those altars on top of the Titanics were placed on those expensive “seats“..

Those chepaer ones, like my mom’s were placed under the deck..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*One carrying few altars*

Some were not enough hands to carry 5-8 altars, from parents to grandparents and grand-grandparents, perhaps..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Everyone busybody betul..So am I..Hahaha*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Placing the 6th Titanic to the fleet*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*All aborad*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*So you know why there’s haze in our country*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*All gone*

That 6 Titanics were gone in less than 50 seconds..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*The racks are all cleaned up*

I was there from 12.30pm til 2.30pm..Tiring..

Wednesday, 23 August, 2006

Things For The Dead

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Recently, I went to a store where stuffs for Chinese prayers are being sold..I don’t know what’s those things called..

You know..Things like joss sticks, Buddha figurines, hell bank notes, etc etc..

I came across something which is very very the funny I tell you..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*A VCD / DVD / VCR player with  MAX 6 album cover*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Not any normal items*

Top left – rolls of cloth for the dead to make their own clothing..

Top right – shark fins and

Top center – head and body shampoos..

Center – shoes, leather shoes and a pair sneakers (sports shoes)..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Can you see it.??*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Canned drinks*

Yeap..Those are paper canned drinks..100 Plus..Coca Cola..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*The Hell Bank Corporation*

Hell Bank Corporation wa cakap lu..Don’t play play..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*The H$ 2*

Yeap..H$ 2 means Hell Dollar..Wakakaka..

Now look..This 1 stack of H$ 2 sold at RM 1.50..Then look at the below one..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*100,000,000,000..There are 11 zeros*

Is it One Hundred Billion Hell Dollar.??

Now how much do you think this stack of H$ 100,000,000,000 costs.??

It’s just a merely RM 1.40..It’s 10 sen cheaper than the H$ 2.!! WTF..

Who else want to buy the H$ 2 when you can get 50,000,000,000 (50 billion) times for a cheaper price..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*10 billion M-yuan.??? What’s that.??*

Since you burn so much money for the dead, then what’s the meaning to burn so many items to them while they could afford to buy much more things down / up there..

Maybe the items that can be burned are forbidden in the netherworld..Hmmm..

Ok..I think that’s all from me..

Do take note that I’m not trying to insult the stuffs or the dead here..

I’m a free-thinker..So I found the stuffs rather amusing..That’s all

You like it..Read them over and over again..Don’t like it..Don’t read them again..

Wednesday, 5 April, 2006

Dead Or Alive (DOA)

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This filler entry has nothing to do with arcade game DOA -Dead Or Alive, or such..
Yeah..I’m enjoying filler entries as much as Naruto‘s filler episodes every week, until the 180th episode (now 178 in Malaysia) for the 2nd season, where real fights will be back again….
In conjunction with the Qing Ming festival or something..I’ll talk about cemetery..Hahaha..
Ok..I had been to Nirvana Memorial Park‘s admin hall / office or something..I don’t know what it is called..
Nirvana Memorial Park‘s admin office is at Kuchai Lama..
The admin office is so luxurious..Yeah, you heard me..IT’S LUXURIOUS~!! It’s like a comparison to 5-star hotel, for the deads..
I assumed every Chinese also knows that Nirvana Memorial Park a.k.a Fu Guai San Jong is indeed a very expensive, just to buy a unit/lot at the grave sites for burial..
A family could spend up to few million ringgit for a full package, ofcoz..
The office is so hotel-look-alike, where it has a lobby with nice couches, and also receptionists..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Big crystal sphere displayed at the lobby*

I have no idea what is this crystal ball for..It’s amazingly huge..I guess need about 3 or 4 people of my size holding hands to get the circumference of it..
The office have elevators which will bring you up to 3rd Floor or something..I can’t really remember..
On the 1st Floor or something..They have an exhibition centre..Displaying coffins and stuffs for the deads, i.e clothes, etc..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Gold coffin worth few hundred thousand ringgit*

Yeah..You can see this gold coffin on display..It is valued at few hundred thousand ringgit..I couldn’t remember the exact figure..
Besides gold coffin, they offer platinum coffin, too on display..But I didn’t snap a pic of it..
The platinum coffin is black in color, metallic black..
Exhibition centre aside..Let’s go to the ceremony halls, where spiritual funeral ceremonies and prayers to send the deads to the other world being held..
It has few halls..With nice corridors along the front halls..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Nicely decorated corridor*

At the corridors here, it has nice tables and comfortable chairs..
Supper is also provided..Not like those you get from school canteens, cold and unfresh..
Here, you got the best..Foods heated up in trays just like what you got from hotels..
And they have staff, with neat and tidy uniforms walking around for customer care..
You know what.? If you think that only the elders working here, you are wrong..They have pretty chicks as receptionists and customer care attendants..
Imagine if you have a girlfriend working at Nirvana Memorial Park..

Yatz : Hey guys..Meet my gf, Katrina..
Friends : Hello Katrina..Where are you working.??
Katrina : Hello..Umm..I’m working at NV Multi Corporation Bhd..
Friends : *Gasp* WTF~?!?! You mean~~
Katrina : Yup..NVMC Bhd, the one which manages Nirvana Memorial Park..

Yeah..That’s some kind of expression you will get from your friends if you have one gf works for NV Multi Corporation Bhd (which manages Nirvana Memorial Park)
Last but not least..Do you know what you can do at the corridor when you are having supper.?
You can access to the Internet, where 2 rooms with a computer in it..
Now that’s what I called 5-star hotel, for the deads..
Ok..I think that’s all for my talks..I found an article in the Net about Nirvana Memorial Park at Semenyih, Selangor, and Nilai Memorial Park at Seremban, Negri Sembilan..
The Grave Sites Of Nirvana & Nilai Memorial Park

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