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Sunday, 11 November, 2007

Traffic Offenders – Yellow Box

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It’s another Traffic Offender post, to curb the unhealthy habit of Malaysian drivers..

After 2 posts of double parking in HERE and HERE, this time it’s on the yellow box..

Somehow, I’m not pretty sure is it called the yellow box, but I guess everyone would understand which one I’m talking about..

That’s the yellowline box where you can’t stop your car on it when there’s a traffic congestion..

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*In front of Jalan Pudu Fire Station (Balai Bomba), opposite Post Office (Pejabat Pos)*

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*It’s a maroon Wira Aeroback (if I’m not mistaken bout the color), WQL 8719*

These kind of people are so ignorant that they would do whatever they like..

Stopping in front of the Fire Station like this is not funny at all, especially when the divider between this side and the other side of the road is open for the fire engine to get across..

If a car stop like this in front of me when I’m trying to cross a road, I’ll honk at it to let other people aware of his/her wrong-doing and make him/her feel guilty, if only they will..

Just the other day, a car was blocking my way in front of Jalan Peel, exiting to Taman Maluri, Cheras Police Station and Jusco, I honked at him like nobody’s business..

Don’t believe it.? Try me..


Friday, 9 November, 2007

Traffic Offenders – Double Parking Caused Massive Jam

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Hey now..I’ve something up in my sleeves after so many filler entries..

Now, it’s the Traffic Offender post again..I’ve one HERE around 1 and a half month ago..

This post was supposed to be up 1 month ago..Due to lots of problem and stuffs, now only I put it up..

First of all, thanks to Jason Lee for lending the camera for the sake of street/road peace..

Again, the Jalan Menara Gading in front of my university is totally messed up..Almost everyday, there’ll be this kind of case happens..

So there I was caught in the chaos in my car, with Jason and Kelvin together with me in my car..

Thanks to the cars that double-parked in front of the shoplots, the cars couldn’t moved on that road..

Then, I decided to get down from the car and started to snap pics of the situation..

It was quite hilarious coz it was a sunny day everyone was so tensed up because of the jam, I’m stll walking around between the cars and taking photos..

Then after awhile later the cars started to disperse back and forth..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*That’s my grey Wira*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*The cars in front of mine*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*The taxi behind my car*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*All cars don’t want to give way*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*A car in front of the van double-parked there..Hence the jam*

I just felt so fun snapping pics like this..It’s all about satisfaction..All the things I might achieve for doing it..

I might help reduce the unnecessary traffic congestion in the country by starting this thing..

More to come on Traffic Offenders post..Stay tune..

Friday, 26 October, 2007

PC Kong-ed

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Been on hiatus for few days..

The reason is because my PC kong-ed, died..For the past week my PC has been acting strangely..

For a second it hanged, the next second it restarted itself, then next second before it enter the Windows, hanged then restart again..

The process kept on repeating by its own wothout my command for as long as I didn’t switch off the main switch..

Sent to check, my MSI motherboard kong-ed..To change the motherboard I have to change the RAM as well coz there’s no more motherboard that supports DDR..

Now I have to get a DDR2 compatible motherboard, which I’m glad the price of DDR2 isn’t that expensive..

And the good news is I don’t have to change my P4 3.0GHz processor..

Though I’m wondering should I get a bigger casing and a more powerful Power Supply..Am on a tight budget..

Maybe I just stick it with the Motherboard and RAM only..

Any recommendations.?? Anything around the price of less than RM400..I’m not a gamer, so a decent fairly good mobo would be sufficient enough..

Thought of getting 2GB RAM, I guess the budget would be around RM450 now..Think I can get 2GB DDR2 RAM in the range of RM160..

So the budget for mobo would be RM300..MSI.? Gigabyte.? Intel.? Asus.? Anything.?

Would love to hear it from tech pros..

Therefore, there won’t be any major updates in my blog for the next few days coz all my blogging materials are in my PC..

Just bear with my youtube updates for the time being, that is if I’m updating it..

Til my internship day comes, adios..

Want to know where I’m doing my intern.? You’ll know in the next few days..

Wednesday, 10 October, 2007

Jam Like Hell In KL~!!

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I was so dumbfucked with the traffic congestion around KL yesterday..

As you see, I was about to fetch my sister at Public Bank nearby Kampung Attap..

She was supposed to off work at 5.45pm or something..So I went out at 5.30pm from my house here at Taman Pertama..

Reached the Cheras roundabout entered the Loke Yew intersection, it was already jammed, as usual..The crawl was fucking massive.

You know, from Loke Yew you’ll reach the flyover where the old F&N factory was located then come the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka building..

From the Cheras roundabout intersection to reach to the flyover, I wasted about 45 minutes..

Then, from the Tsun Jin High School to reach the Chinese Community Hall at Kampung Attap I needed another 45 minutes..

For that stretch road of Loke Yew I needed about 1 hour and 30 minutes in total..

Then from there to go back to my house, I needed another 45 minutes..

Turn back to that road of Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, before going up the Loke Yew flyover, I went down to the Pudu-Sungei Besi small roundabout..

Thought of going down to Sungei Besi-Besraya highway, but I opted for Chan Sow Lin trying to exit at Jalan Peel..

Queue-ing up at the traffic light before entering Peel Road, I saw another massive crawl at Pell Road..

Cars already full at the back of the line, entering at the traffic light to Peel Road..Meaning that big junction of Pudu-Chan Sow Lin-Peel Road was stucked, too..

Then I made a U-turn before the traffic light, went back into Chan Sow Lin, exit at Besraya nearby Tai Thong School..

The traffic was quite smooth there..Went into the trunk road of Salak South Police Station to enter Bandar Permaisuri..

It was all clear there..I should have taken that road earlier instead of the Chan Sow Lin..

From Bandar Permaisuri I entered Sri Johor and all the way to Sri Pulau Pinang-Ikan Mas..

As usual, I exit at Cheras Badminton Stadium, then turned into the trunk road beside Shell station to get back home..

When I reached home, it’s already 8.15pm..

So in total, I’ve taken about 2 hours and 45 minutes for just 30++km travel around KL..

What’s with the jam and all, I don’t know and don’t want to know..I was fucking pissed off for driving for so long, but it’s just a 30++km journey..


Friday, 21 September, 2007

Dumb Government Sectors Waste Public Fund

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It has been quite a while since the Budget 2008 is revealed by Pak Lah..

Soon after that, Auditor-General reported that the Youth and Sports Ministry is paying RM224 for a set of RM40 screwdrivers, RM5,700 for a RM50 car jack, and RM1,146 for a RM160 pen set..

Other irregularities included shelling out a massive RM5,700 for a RM50 carjack, RM8,254 for a fucking 3.1 megapixel digital camera that costs RM2,990 and RM1,146 for a set of technical pens with a market price of RM160..

What the people inside there thinking.??? The public is either fucking retarded or ill-minded for accepting such fucking manipulated accounts..

Not only the people who purchased those items but the one who approved to buy those things were dumber than PIG, DONKEY, COW, MONKEY, and any kind of animals you can think of..

You can calculate the amount of profit these assholes gained and have a decent Raya celebration in October..

Then the police air wing spending RM118mil for two helicopters that did not meet flying specifications and another RM15.4mil to train pilots to fly these helicopters..

Not only that, Customs Department spending RM290mil for an outdated, user-unfriendly information system..

Besides the ministry, the Sarawak State Sports Council spent RM2.67mil on sports equipment from 2004 to 2006 but didn’t keep track of purchases..

It’s reported that an RM5,300 lane rope for swimming also went missing while 24 types of equipment for silat, athletics and boxing worth a total RM47,911 meant for various training centres had NOT been used for God’s sake..

It added that 25 fucking javelins worth RM3,570 were kept unused at the Miri Stadium because they were oversupplied by the council’s headquarters..

In addition, archery equipment worth RM30,859 was supplied TOO late to be used for training for the 11th Malaysia Games in 2006 and was NOT distributed to other training centres which needed them..

So all these are few of the reasons why the Government have to debate whether to continue subsidies diesel..

That’s why we have problems with pipe leakage in government buildings..

That’s why the toll price for few major tolls were increased to an absurd amount, while we were paying our taxes..

That’s why there are sinkholes and potholes everywhere on the road no matter which area it is..

So, what can I say or what can we do.??

At least, I’m GLAD we live in a DEMOCRATIC nation, thus we are FREE to SPEAK, FREE to CHOOSE whichever PARTIES we like to govern the country..

I guess it’s time for us to make our moves when the general election comes..

And so, that’s the time when the government try to condemn bloggers for being a goblok..

Yeah, actually they were saying GO BLOG~!! Long live blogs, and my blog..


Wednesday, 19 September, 2007

Have You Seen Nurin Jazlin?

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Well, I wasn’t really paying attention to the media lately..

I’m not even aware of the missing of Nurin Jazlin until i read the news about a child found sexually assaulted and killed and then was stuffed into a sports bag..

Nurin Jazlin was found missing on the 20th August 2007, she was last seen heading towards the night market near her house..

It’s already 29 days ever since..Hope she’s to be found as soon as possible..

The rewards for the whereabouts of the 8 year old girl is currently at RM26k..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*This is Nurin Jazlin*

For further information and updates, head over to “In Search of Nurin Jazlin“, run by Jasni AJ, Nurin’s uncle..

It’s indeed very disturbing that recently lots of brutal crime cases involving little kids, as young as an infant..

Let’s all bloggers join together to fight crimes in our way of doing things..It’s Bloggers United after all..

This entry is an effort of Earl-Ku, hoping that other bloggers will help in the search of the missing girl..Check out his entry HERE..

Hope other bloggers will help out by posting a similar entry or such to create public awareness of the missing of this girl..

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