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Thursday, 4 October, 2007

Memo To Other Nation’s Embassy Can, Memo To Putrajaya Cannot

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Need not explain more..

As we know, the Malaysian Bar Council went on a “Walk of Justice” at Putrajaya on September 26th 2007..

The march from the footsteps of Palace of Justice ended at the Dataran Putra roundabout..

More than 2000 lawyers and activists joined the march, to seek the setting up of a Royal Commission over the video clip showing a prominent lawyer purportedly brokering the appointment of judges with a senior judge..

Bar Council president, Amiga Sreenevasan handed 2 memoranda to Prime Minister’s political secretary Datul Wan Farid Wan Salleh, which will later be given to Pak Lah..

The march and hand over of the memo was a move to seek justice to clear the name of the judiciary, which is quite an important matter to them..

But then, someone smart enough to say that the Bar Council shouldn’t behave like that..

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz said that marching like that to hand over a memorandum is behaving like the opposition..

Nazri Aziz says, “Unless they want to show their hostility, why should they stoop so low by behaving like Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), DAP and PAS?”

So, is this statement a defamatory.?? If this statement is said by an anonymous or socio-politic blogger would he/she be sued over the statement.?

I’m not done yet..To show how stupidly this statement is being made by the person in the Prime Miniter’s Department, something else happened..

A group of about 200 people submitted a memorandum to officials of the Myanmar Embassy here, urging their government to restore peace and stability in their country following a violent crackdown against demonstrators there..

The members of 14 youth groups and Barisan Nasional Youth movements, called themselves “Malaysian Youth Coalition for Peace and Freedom in Burma”..

They marched along Jalan Ampang carrying placards with messages urging the Myanmar Government to resolve the crisis peacefully..

Joining the march was Deputy Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin..I’m not surprised IF the march is led by him..

So, this march here is to hand over a memorandum to the Myanmar Embassy here to urge their government to restore peace in Myanmar, which I guess is not our problem..

The riot and “junta VS Burmese monks and civilians” war is a part of Myanmar’s internal war, which we called Cold War..

I remembered a person says that to march on the street and handing over memorandum is behaving like the opposition..

So, is actually march protests and handing over memorandum to officials a stupid and low-class act, or it’s an act of justice and peace oriented.??

If it’s a stupid and low-class act, then our Deputy Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin is not any smarter than the government-claimed stupid opposition..

And it’s a statement made by the government people themselves..So who is the wise guy here.??

I’m not saying that the urge of the world to the Myanmar government to restore peace in the country is a stupid thing..

I too, hope that peace will be restored in that country and in any country in the world..

As the saying goes, “Make Love, Not War”..To Bush, Howard, and Blair, get the point.??

The point is our very own Malaysian government mindset, specifically the people in it..

So you think that urging other nation’s government to restore peace from its Cold War is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than uplifting and justifying the dignity and honor of our very own Malaysian lawyers and judges.??

What other thing is more important than internal problem.??

Solve our problem first before you trying to be smart to help others..

Yes, others are in need..But our very own people is VERY in need as well, let alone the increasing social problem of the foreigner workers in our motherland *ahem*..

I don’t see anything will be better for the statement towards the Bar Council by defaming the oppositions..

I’m now eligible to vote in the General Election and many of my peers would be able to do so by next year, should the general election comes next year..

We’ll try to make things right for the sake of our beloved country and also fellow civilians, if nothing is changed..

It’s not that we try to take advantage of every single mistakes made by the current government but, there isn’t anything praise-worthy..

Learn from mistakes..If the government could give us 100, no, 50 important matters worth to be mentioned, I don’t think the people would mind or even care a single mistake out of that 50..

Just my two cents..Correct me if I’m wrong and I apologise to those who can’t take my words..


Tuesday, 2 October, 2007

Foreign Minister Being Questioned On BBC Hard Talk – Part 3, And My 2-Cents

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Now, the final part of the BBC Hard Talk on Youtube where Malaysian Foreign Minister Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar being questioned by Sarah Montague..

Nothing much discussed in the final part as it’s just a 3 minutes plus video clip..

Overall, inequality is always there, here in Malaysia..

It’s undeniable that a lot of Malaysians, notably Chinese chose to migrate to overseas to have a better living..

Although Chinese is still the lower community abroad, but they make money in a better situation..

A lot of Malaysians who study abroad, such as in UK or Australia, they chose to stay there permanently, if possible..

Yes, the food and holidays might not be as good as in Malaysia, at least they are happier there compared to be in Malaysia..

As for me, I love Malaysia a lot..Yes, truthfully deep down from my heart..Why so.?

Malaysia is somewhat a peaceful country..Malaysia is somewhat nature-disaster-free..

Malaysia has all the foods that you want..Malaysia is multi-cultural..

But then again, when I think about the people who govern the country, I felt rather disappointed..

They tend to govern the country with a mask..Who ever is on the upperhand, that’s the person where they stand behind and kiss his/her ass..

However, I have to say that if not because of Tun Dr Mahathir, Malaysia would not be what it is today..

He has done a lot to the development of Malaysia over the years of his leadership..

If not because of him, Malaysia might not survived from the 1997 East Asian financial crisis..

If not because of him, Malaysia might not have Petronas Twin Tower..

If not because of him, Malaysia might not have Sepang International Circuit (SIC) and Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)..

But just right after he stepped down from the leadership, everyone backstabbed him for his bad leadership..

People blame him for the mega projects I’ve mentioned..But at the same time, these critic-wannabes are enjoying the greatness of these mega-projects..

I don’t know where is the brain of these people..In the ass perhaps.?

On top of that, I absolutely love to hear speeches by Tun Dr Mahathir..Although his tone is quite mono-tone and slow-mo, but through his speech, he showed his greatness..

Unlike Pak Lah..His speech lacks of oomph, if you know what I mean..The content is there but there isn’t much power lies beneath it..

Honestly, under his leadership for the first 2 years, I’ve always forgotten that he’s the current Prime Minister..

And also for the same period of time, I’ve also forgotten that Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak is the current Deputy Prime Minister..I always remembered him as the Defence Minister..

Ministers aside, look at the development of Malaysia..Although with the help of Tun Dr Mahathir, our country is developing relatively slow compared to neighbouring countries..

You may give the reason that Singapore is small..Therefore the fast development of the nation..

What about China.? China is so damn big that Malaysia is equivalent to just a province in China..

But still, China is able to build the country by developing few provinces together..It’s a great success..

If given to China, they could have build Malaysia to at least 5 years advance than what we are now..

Look at our highways and roads and everything..It’s so fucking messed up..The road-planning is so fucked up, big time..

Insections to trunk roads are everywhere..The traffic congestion has never failed to upset people til the extent that we already accept it as a norm to live in Malaysia..

For all the highways available in Malaysia, there is not a single highway that is congestion-free at the peak hours..

So that’s why they called it the peak hours.?? Fuck that..

Federal Highway jam, MRR2 jam, Jalan Loke Yew jam, Sungei Besi Highway jam, Seremban Highway jam, Jalan Kuching jam, Damansara Utama jam..

There’s no end to it..Traffic congestion aside..Talk about road-signs and signboards..

Malaysia road-signs have never failed to impress Malaysians, let alone foreigners..

On a highway, the fonts on the signboards are as small as ikan bilis..How drivers are going to read that while driving.??

On dividers between highway and intersection to trunk roads, signboards are placed at least 50-100 metres from the starting point of the divider..

Should you take the wrong turning, that’s your problem..

Add up to the small fonts, Malaysia’s signboards fucked up big time..

Not only that, to reach a destination, let say from Cheras to PJ SS-whatever it is..

You follow the road-signs, yes you’ll never fail to reach the destination, but in the longest way..

They road-signs won’t guide you to the shortest route, but take you here and there, stuck in the traffic jam a bit here and there, the only you’ll reach the destination..

Well anyway, I rest my case here..There’s never-ending story if you want me to comment on the government..

Before that, hope that Tun Dr Mahathir will be recovered soon and have a peaceful happy life before the end of it..

*Malaysian Foreign Minister being questioned on BBC Hard Talk – Part 3*

My next post will be either a food post or another fucked up comment on the government..

Til then, have a nice day..

Sunday, 30 September, 2007

Foreign Minister Being Questioned On BBC Hard Talk – Part 2

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Let’s get back to the 2nd part of the video clip..

I don’t know what to say bout Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar..I doubted every word that he said..

You know why.? Because, if you watch closely, he himself too felt surprised with the questions asked by Sarah Montague..

It’s either he felt embarrassed as to why an outsider knows what is happening in Malaysia, til the extent of quite detailed..

Or, he felt it’s too funny to hear the questions coz it’s NOT going to happen in Malaysia..

I do believe the second reason is not applicable, as to why I say so, let’s keep it to ourselves coz we all know bout it..

Okay, in the second video clip, they talked about foreign investments..

Although I’m still a student, but I’m alert of the current issues..

Let’s talk about Proton..Pak Lah has been saying there’ll be investment penetration by Volkswagon..

He kept saying talks between the 2 companies has been held and some agreements have been made so and so..

If that’s so, what makes the supposed-investor held back for so long.??

And then again, we can always read about how GLCs making profits, this and that..

For the all time leading local carmaker Proton to have a sudden loss of RM591.36 million in the 2007 financial year, isn’t it strange.??

I smell something fishy..Yes, the stench is worst than the fishmarket..You know, I know..

Then Sarah kept asking is Syed Hamid not wanted to accept the fact that the separation of races has worsen..

Again, Syed Hamid kept denying it bla bla bla..

IMHO, the problem is not really getting from bad to worse..It’s quite constant all the way back to the post-Merdeka era..

But then again, that’s what we saw on the outlook itself..I believed deep down in our heart, the hatred or jealousy is getting from bad to the worst..

Because of the inequality and harrassments among races, it’s totally madness..

Then came the conversion of religions..Syed Hamid says that Lina Joy is granted the permission to convert into Christianity, only her name is not allowed to be changed..

If I’m not mistaken, I think I know of some people who changed their name in the IC..

So, what’s the problem of changing the name in the IC if a swear or something is made in front of the Commission of Oath.??

I think that would be fine and fair enough for all parties right.??

If changing name in the IC is not allowed, then I guess any Chinese or Indian who converts into Muslim doesn’t have to change their name to Muhamad so and so.??

Then why’s that a Chinese is compulsory to add-in the Muhamad if he’s to conert into Muslim.??

For example, local footballer, Muhamad Aiman Wong..His surname is Wong, then what’s with the Muhamad Aiman.??

It’s just all LAME excuses..

And also, Syed Hamid says, anyone is allowed to convert into any religion and Malaysia is a place where Malaysians are allowed to practice any religions as they like..

So let’s flashback a little way backward..Why is the so-called occult religion of Sky Kingdom is banned and demolished once and for all.??

Is it because the Malaysian government doesn’t recognise it as a religion therefore it’s an occult.??

And if let say a Muslim wanted to marry a Buddhist, why can’t the Muslim conert into Buddhism and start to eat pork or something like that.?

Why is only Islam has the advantage in this matter.??

And if the case of Lina Joy is true where she’s allowed to convert into Christianity and the problem is only her name, I STRONGLY BELIEVED that there are a number of Malays who don’t want to be a Muslim..

Yes, it might sounded absurd and I might be too harsh at these Malays to say they don’t want to be a Muslim, as I don’t have any proof to that..

It’s just my thought, why.?? I’ve seen too many things around me, from my primary school up to college life..

A lot of them are not sincere enough to be a Muslim..They skipped fastings..They skipped Friday prayers..

They drink alcoholic beverages where Islam defined it as the urine of the Satan..Why hold them back if they don’t want to be in that position.??

To be in a religion, one has to keep faith in the God and true to their heart to practice that religion..There’s no meaning to cheat the beliefs..

I know, this happens to every other religion on earth and doesn’t applies only to Islam..That’s why I’m a free-thinker..

In the 9th minute of the 2nd video clip, Syed Hamid says, religion works just like a club..If you want to join or enter a club, you have to follow the rules of the club..

So, why everyone only has to follow the rules of Islam and not other religions.?

If a guy like me wanted to marry a Malay girl (99.9% or all Malays in Malaysia are Muslims), I have to convert into Muslim..Why can I stay as a free-thinker as I am now.??

Okay, I’m not condemning Islam or Muslims or Malays..I’m just stating out the inequality..

Being a free-thinker doesn’t meant I don’t have a belief..Being a free-thinker doesn’t meant I’m bad because I don’t have a religion..

I’m doing the best out of me, and try not to do bad things, because they are bad..

I don’t have to be in a religion to be a good guy..It also didn’t meant that I’m a bad guy if I’m not into any religion..

And umm, I think I talk too much..Just proceed to the video aight..

*Part 2 of Foreign Minister Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar Being Questioned On BBC Hard Talk*

Video clip with Bahasa Melayu subtitles..

Thursday, 27 September, 2007

Foreign Minister Being Questioned By Sarah Montague On BBC Hard Talk Regarding Issues In Malaysia

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On 13th of September 2007, Foreign Minister Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar was being questioned by BBC Hard Talk’s Sarah Montague..

The talk was supposed to be aired on Astro BBC channel, but it didn’t..Some said because it was not allowed to air the interview..

I don’t know..But one thing I know that there were some people who know this interview is going to showed on BBC..

Anyway, I’ll go to the several issues being discussed in the interview..

On the first part on the Youtube, the first question is whether the government will change the law for the sake of fairness among the races in Malaysia..

Then it comes to the question on how the Malaysian economy has been on the Malays side and that is unfair to the Chinese and Indian ethincs..

The problem of enrolling into public universities for the certain ethnics, where Malays have more privileges is also being questioned..

Dato Seri Syed Hamid keep denying allegations made by Sarah which he said the outsiders wouldn’t know what is happening here Malaysia..

I especially like Sarah’s way of approach when she asked the questions..She’s very aggressive..

This way, there’s not even a milisecond for Syed Hamid to think much on how to answer the questions..

But I guess he or any other ministers are already well-trained on how to tackle this kind of sensitive issues when being asked..

In the 8th minute of the first part, Syed Hamid says that Malaysia will come a time where all other races (Chinese, Indians, minorities) will eventually accept the fact that Malays are strongly helped by the government..

Hence, unfairness..I think he’s either didn’t get what Sarah is trying to ask or he has answered wrongly because he’s telling the truth where other races already accepted the unfairness..

Undoutbedly, this is a sad case if Syed Hamid thinks that other races will just keep quiet on how they were being treated compared to the Malays..

I guess what Sarah asking is actually what will the government do to tackle the inter-racial unfairness issue..

Syed Hamid actually denying it again and shot back at Sarah on the way she sees it as an outsider..

I like the part when Syed Hamid says Malaysia is the same if compared to other countries..Surely there’ll be unfairness..

Then Sarah shoot back at Syed Hamid, saying that for other countries, that’s their problem to handle themselves..

The question is what Malaysia is going to do about it..Hahaha..Take that..

IMHO, I don’t think a journalist or someone from BBC would blindly question a sensitive issue on TV before doing their homework..

I do believed that they have their ways to find the informations and the sources are at least 70-80% reliable..

Almost at the end of this video clip, Syed Hamid says Malaysia is not a racist country..

Every other races enjoy the achievements and there’s fairness among the races bla bla bla..

Well, maybe it is but the privileges that the Malays have, if accumulated, it is totally unfair to other races..That’s what Sarah was trying to say..

*Foreign Minister Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar Being Interviewed By Sarah Montague of BBC Hard Talk*

Look forward for the second posting..It has 3 video clips in total, with Malay subtitles..

Tuesday, 28 August, 2007

In The Defence Of NameWee – My Thoughts

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Everyone knows who is NameWee, real name Wee Meng Chee..

He’s a Malaysian student who is studying in Ming Chuan University in Taiwan, created a furore over his Negarakuku video clip..

All hype on this case was actually the way of the national anthem being played and sung in the video clip..

It’s a song of Mandarin rap with Negaraku as the chorus..

The main agenda here is the appearance of the national anthem in a rap song has definitely lowered the standard of the national anthem..

The whole rapping is about whinnings of a Chinese citizen who resides in Malaysia, which he presumed he’s the voice of all Malaysian Chinese..

The raps are focused on the strugglings of the Chinese society as the second community in Malaysia, and the misused of power of the Malays as they were called the aborigin of Malaysia..

Nonetheless, he also criticises the country is badly managed by the government and some other stuffs..

If you listen to the music or watch the video clip on a neutral ground or empty mind, it’s almost similar to the likes of none other than Eminem and Good Charlotte..

They criticised their own government and the lifestyle they had compared to those living in a very wealthy condition..

On the other hand, NameWee criticises the Malays, how they misused the power of bumiputra or NEP or whatever they called it, to have a better life compared to other races in Malaysia..

He also criticises the corrupted certain parties in the government are, and of course the most famous of all, the police force..

They accept bribes just like they drink coffee everyday..Simply refreshing..

On the positive side for NameWee, the government can’t charge him for defamation as those statements in the song is widely known to everyone in the country..

So it’s not really defamation..It’s the truth,at least we all know but we don’t dare to speak out publicly like what he did..

Okay, if the national anthem is considered tarnished in a way, then what about Jason Lo’s Malaysian Invasion.??

Malaysian Invasion is a rock song, a very rock one..In the middle of the song, there’s a clip of Tunku Abdul Rahman declaring the independence of Malaya, by shouting “Merdeka” 7 times..

For such a historic event and sound clip to be appeared in a rock song, doesn’t it would tarnish the image of the Allaryarham Tunky Abdul Rahman.??

Strange isn’t..They just like to accuse whatever they like..

They don’t seem to care bout other things but little matters like this one, they always make it a big havoc..

If Jeff Ooi and Rocky Bru were being sued because of defamatory..

If Nathaniel Tan was remanded by the police for questioning over a comment in his blog..

If Raja Petra Kamrudin and his wife were taken in by the police for questioning after they were alleged that the contents in his blog were insulting religion and the Agong of Malaysia..

If socio-political bloggers were labelled as goblok by Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin..

Then why nothing happens to Kenny Sia when he publicly condemn the government and post it on Youtube to have millions of Malaysians viewing it..

*Kenny Sia’s stupid DIY video*

Honestly, I don’t find this video funny at all..It just shows how silly KennySia is and how naive his commentors are..

Okay, I know what I’m saying here are quite crappy..I’m just point out the thing that what NameWee did is not really a big deal..

The only big deal is he revealed his face in the video clip..Only if he didn’t appeared in the video clip, with just his voice, nothing can be done against him..

And I don’t even think the authorities would care much about the video should his face doesn’t appeared in the video clip..

Nevertheless, they waste so much time on debating whether to charge him with a lawsuit or not..

I think it would be better if the government and oppositions take note of what NameWee mentioned in his video clip..

It’s better to make improvement instead of blaming others when that certain matter is actually a tiny little problem..

And if it’s SO BIG DEAL, the government already had a team of authorities went to Taiwan to capture NameWee in the name of the law..But they didn’t..

The Malaysia 50th Indepence Day is just around the corner..Think wisely and think big..Don’t act like a fool and so childish anymore..

Yes, I’m telling the authorities, government, and oppositions..Pat your butts and start work things off..

Don’t just sit down there and pointing fingers to each other..

It’s like I’m paying for some services and the workers aren’t working but slacking around and complaining too much work to be done, when they are actually paid to do so..

No, I’m not saying I’m paying the government to do things for the country..It’s just a comparison..Get it.??

Tuesday, 14 August, 2007

Hungry Ghost Festive Month

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It’s the Hungry Ghost Festive month again everyone..

It started on 13th of August til 10th of September 2007..The peak season is said to be on 30th of August, Merdeka Eve..

I believe that most Chinese parents would advise their children not to stay out til late at night to avoid bumping onto any ‘dirty‘ things..

Anyhow, my mind is contradicting in any other ways..I don’t know whether to believe in it or not, but I do take pre-cautions..

I’m scared to go out to the mamak near my house when I got hungry late at night..

It’s reported in the newspapers that couples are afraid to take pics during this season, if they were to wed during this season..

They are afraid if those pics might appear another figure beside them..

Wedding is hopefully a once in a lifetime thingy, so how can they skip the outdoor photoshooting part.??

And worst of all, if they are so scared, why choose to wed during the Hungry Ghost Festival in the first place.?? I don’t get it..

One thing about whether to believe it or not, an argument made me think like that..

I’m not sure it’s correct or not..Correct me if I’m wrong..Sorry if I offended any people here..

This Hungry Ghost Festive month is to offer the deads with food, hell money and other things..

But then again, other than to pray for those neglected wandering souls/spirits, aren’t those whom got buried or cremated already sent to the netherworld and waiting to be reincarnated.??

If the souls/spirits of the deads already reincarnated, then meaning they have a new body as their house..

So is it possible for the deads to come back and accept our offerings.??

Okay, let’s assume that they do come back for the offerings, I thought since we were lil kid, we were taught that once we were dead, we’ll walk past a bridge where we’ll be offered a soup called “Mang Po Tong“..

After drinking this soup, we’ll forget our past life and get on with a new life in heaven/hell and wait to be reincarnated into the world again..

Even if they haven’t reincarnated yet, they should have lost their memory of the past life, meaning they have forgotten their family and friends..

It’s all just my thought..No offence..Sorry for me being a Free-Thinker, but I’m still a Chinese..

I cannot deny that I’ll be bound with all these customs and rules and stuffs for the rest of my life, as I’m a Chinese..

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